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Jensen’s Take on Seed to Oil

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Did you know that there are multiple ways to prepare oil based on the desired outcome? Check out more about how a harvested seed becomes liquid cooking oil.

Certified Angus Beef

Add Flavor With Certified Angus Beef

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Not just any Angus beef gets the honor of being classified as Certified Angus Beef®. To earn the top quality label, each cut of Certified Angus Beef is carefully examined for the perfect amount and distribution of marbling to make sure that your beef dish is tender with mouthwatering flavor. Bring the highest quality beef to the table with Certified …

holiday drink

Festive Ingredients

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Make the holidays delicious with products from the Shamrock Family of Brands. Spice up your menu and learn about the versatility of these holiday favorites!

Side dish

Fresh Take On Sides

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Get inspired to liven up your side dishes with these fresh takes on staples from salads to veggies. And be sure to check out the mango salad recipe inside!

chicken wings

Who’s Your Wingman?

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Learn more about the kitchen benefits of melted butter alternatives from Aspen Gold. From time savings to pouring convenience and more.