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Pure Possibilities

It’s time to disrupt the dairy quo. It’s time for pure, farm-to-table freshness. Products that are locally sourced and crafted using a hands-on approach refined over three generations. And no added artificial growth hormones, ever.* It’s time to make your recipes even more delicious – and your customers even happier. It’s time for fresher ideas and higher standards. It’s time for Shamrock Farms.

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST and non-rBST-treated cows.

Shamrock products have new packaging but the same great taste!

Better Dishes start with Better Dairy

From pure, farm-fresh milk to the richest, tastiest sour cream, half and half, heavy cream and cottage cheese, our premium dairy products deliver superior performance to make your recipes work harder and taste better.

From gallon milks to school milks, on-the-go milks to flavored milks, we’ve got all the pure, farm-fresh wholesome goodness you’ll ever need.

Always creamy and delicious, our premium sour cream delivers a pure, fresh taste your customers will love.

As a healthy side dish or addition to your recipes, it’s the purest, freshest, tastiest cottage cheese around.

Versatile options and premium quality ice cream and frozen novelties, as well as Soft Serve, milk shake and ice cream mixes to meet all your frozen treat needs.

For gourmet-quality that can’t be beat, chefs trust our heavy cream for everything from fluffy whipped cream to thick, rich soups and sauces.

A perfect blend of our rich cream and pure, fresh milk from our local farm. Excellent in coffee or your favorite recipes

Crafted with a hands-on approach, our delicious Shamrock Farms butter performs consistently better, so you get rich, creamy and delicious taste in your favorite recipes every time.