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Put Labor-Saving Practices To Work

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Managing labor needs in ways that bolster business in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic is a true challenge. Now is the time to be proactive. Take steps that facilitate takeout and delivery service, keep your best workers working and continue to satisfy customers.

A View To 2022 Restaurant Trends

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

As operators review key learnings of the past year, they’re also considering what has traction for the remainder of this year and what’s likely to carry over in 2022. Here’s what foodservice experts predict.

2022 Restaurant Trends

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

As we begin 2022, it is important to bring attention to this year’s emerging food trends and flavors that are influenced by current cultural trends and consumer desires in the restaurant industry.

Create A Winning Restaurant Culture

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Employee retention is an ongoing priority in foodservice. It reduces labor costs and keeps food and service standards consistently high. One way to achieve this is via a strong operational culture of support, mentoring and interconnectedness.

Maximizing Delivery Margins

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

One thing is certain: While customers are eagerly returning to dining out, they’ll continue to embrace the convenience of delivery when they’re craving their favorite menu items but want to stay in.

100 Years of Food Trends

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Shamrock is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. With all that history, we wanted to look back at the past 100 years of food trends and the food service industry as a whole.

It’s A Wrap: Packaging For Takeout & Delivery

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Takeout and delivery are substantial foodservice opportunities that extend across dayparts and segments. Foodservice packaging experts predict demand for beautiful takeout packaging to remain strong. Given that consumers are more attentive than ever to the quality of the packaging, it can be a competitive differentiator.

Doin’ the Dirty Work – ProClean Warewashing

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Now more than ever, guests expect a safe, clean dining experience and operators need a labor-smart way to guarantee guest satisfaction. ProClean warewashing products are here to help! Great for kitchens in restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, ProClean warewashing products are convenient and easy-to-use. Focus on the rest of the customer experience and let ProClean do the dirty work.


Take on Takeout with ProPak

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Over the past year, great carryout programs evolved from a creative solution to a restaurant necessity and going forward customers will continue to seek out delicious, at-home dining experiences when ordering from your establishment.