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The Knife And The Whisk

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Bo Bryant, Shamrock Restaurant Business Consultant, is back with a new way to look at labor in your kitchens. Using these two tools as our guide, Bo walks us through how to can best use labor for efficiency and cost savings.

Managing Your Menu Through Supply Chain Uncertainty

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Supply chain irregularities due to labor demand, transportation challenges, material shortages and unpredictable consumer demand are affecting restaurant operators across the globe. It’s never been more important for operators to shore-up inventory and menus to navigate product availability challenges. This quick guide helps outline strategies you can take to lessen the impact of the supply chain and put the control back into your kitchen.

How To Calculate & Manage PRD

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Meeting Per Resident Day Costs (PRD) is crucial to managing your senior living facility’s dining budget. Establishing and tracking a PRD will allow for more creative menuing and permit the use of higher-quality ingredients.

Restaurant Supply Fryers

Reduce Labor Costs and Save Time with ProClean No Boil Fryer Cleaner

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Many of the best-run companies in our industry regularly analyze operations and procedures to determine where cost-reducing changes can be made. That’s where ProClean No Boil Fryer Cleaner comes in! A breakthrough spray-on fryer cleaner that’s simpler and faster to clean tough, cooked-on grease in the deep fryer.

Kitchen Conversations

Kitchen Conversations By Shamrock Foods: Bo Bryant

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Bo Bryant has touched every part of the restaurant industry through his career and now helps restaurant owners navigate the challenges they are facing. He is no stranger to periods of inflation and staffing issues, so knows what areas to focus on in order to maximize profitability amidst the demands of the current economy.

Streamline IDDSI Implementation with Menu Wizard+

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Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder that affects an estimated 15 million adults in the United States.* With the support of Shamrock Foods Menu Wizard+, healthcare and senior living facilities have the opportunity to easily accommodate these patients on texture-modified diets while following the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) that was introduced worldwide in 2015.

Post Pandemic People Practices

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Understanding the different mindsets of both staff and employees gives you the opportunity to approach their return to restaurants in a way that ensures comfort for everyone. Watch as Jim Hargrove, Shamrock Restaurant Consultant, walks through best post-pandemic people practices.

Attracting (and Keeping) New Employees

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

As an industry, restaurants are averaging a 15 percent post-pandemic staff shortage. Although ready to ramp up, securing new employees is proving difficult with restaurant workers leaving the industry, concerned about possible Covid-19 exposure or utilizing unemployment benefits. But just as Shamrock Foods is here to source the right ingredients for your menu, we also have tips to attract (and keep) the right staff.

Building Your Own Customized Menus: Labor Lean Menu Example

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Labor. It impacts every facet of every business – and especially healthcare facility kitchens. That’s why we tapped the experts at Shamrock Foods to develop a two-week “labor lean menu.” Now, no matter the reason for being short-staffed, this tool will help successfully manage the situation.