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Expertly crafted custom cuts

you always come first.

For us, there’s nothing like a great cut of meat. As expert artisans and experienced meat cutters, we take pride in delivering high-quality proteins that set your menu apart from the competition. We won’t begin cutting until we get your order, and we’ll always deliver with consistency. We’re uniquely qualified to recommend the best protein solutions for you, and will work side-by-side to develop products that bring your culinary vision to life. Ultimately, we help you make your menu unique. And that’s a task we execute with over 50 years of experience, understanding and commitment.


USDA Inspected Facilities

Integrity on the line, continuously guaranteed. We have USDA inspectors on-site to ensure our processes meet or exceed Federal standards.

Aging Program

Flavor gets better with age. For enhanced flavor, we age our Gold Canyon Premium Angus beef for a minimum of 21 days.

No Waste and Reduced Labor

Our expertly trained meat cutters take care of the trimming and sizing with care and accuracy. This helps you save on labor, ensures less waste and higher yield, and results in overall improved consistency and food cost for your operation.

Committed To Quality

We’re confident in our products for a reason. Our commitment to quality ensures you’ll be satisfied on every order. Though we’ll always be willing to work with you in case any order doesn’t exceed your expectations.

Safety First

Our on-site food safety lab allows us to test for foodborne pathogens and features a full “test & hold” ground beef program.

Sophisticated Equipment

Efficiency at its finest. We use the most advanced equipment along with the finest packaging in the industry.

Total Inventory Control

Keep tabs on your orders. Ordering smaller packs helps you manage a tighter inventory to match your actual customer demand.



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Our highest quality Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal and Bison. USDA Choice or higher, our premium line is raised and produced to our highest standards.

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Our USDA Choice and Select beef comes from North American ranches ensuring superior flavor and juiciness for all your recipes.

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USDA process verified to have no antibiotics ever and be 100% Vegetarian Fed. Plus, all livestock are all natural, cage-free and humanely raised.

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Our all natural* poultry comes from naturally smaller livestock that is not cut down from jumbo

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As a trusted and reputable choice in foodservice, Emerald Valley Ranch offers quality beef, pork and poultry at affordable prices.

*All Natural – Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.


Get in touch with a representative to add our high-quality meats to your kitchen and get regular updates about our portfolio of products.