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Shamrock Foods Profitability Calculator

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The Shamrock Foods Break Even Calculator, also known as our Profitability Calculator, can help inform decisions while navigating the changing regulations. Enter fixed costs in addition to seats, capacity, table turns, as well as takeout and delivery revenue to guide staffing and menu decisions to ensure maximum profitability.

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Budgeting & Profit Terms to know:

Getting a handle on your restaurant's budget can be overwhelming. Don't let the financial terminology get in your way.

  • break even: the point at which cost or expenses and revenue are equal
  • bottom line revenue: a company's net income, typically on the bottom of their income statement.
  • COG: cost of goods
  • controllable expenses: those over which the company has full authority. Expenses include marketing budgets and labor costs.
  • gross profit margin: profit divided by revenue (the raw amount of money made).
  • non-controllable expenses: Overhead costs: those that a company cannot change, such as rent and insurance.
  • net profit margin: profit minus the price of all other expenses (rent, wages, taxes etc) divided by revenue.
  • pro forma: An example of how something could, should, or would be performing based on certain assumptions
  • P&L: profit and loss statement. A financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period, usually a quarter or fiscal year.
  • top line: a company's revenues or gross sales.
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