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Take control of how you place orders like never before with ShamrockORDERS. Now, you have 24/7 online access to thousands of products, along with images, portion costs and nutritionals, customizable sheet-to-shelf order guides, real-time inventory levels, security features and more.

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ShamrockORDERS is the start to a comprehensive food cost management and menu engineering consulting program.

  • Place your Shamrock Foods order through your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone, whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.
  • Browse Shamrock Foods’s catalog of thousands of items to find new products and menu ideas, and have visibility to portion and serving costs as you plan your menu profitability.
  • ShamrockORDERS and Menu Wizard work together to automatically update your recipe costs and menu profit opportunities.
  • Create customized sheet-to-shelf Order Guides, and set par levels to ensure your staff doesn’t over- or under-order.
  • Manage your business’s seasonal ordering patterns.
  • Get real-time Shamrock Foods inventory levels.
  • Input a walking inventory while building your order. Know the current value of your inventory based on today’s product costs.
  • Build your order on your schedule. Start and save, then add to it at your convenience. Enable multiple users in multiple departments with their own order guides.
  • Access product details such as ingredients, specifications, pictures, nutritional data, pack-size and product spec sheets.
  • Get product recommendations based on your buying history and current trends from operators like you.

Your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative can help with food cost management and menu engineering ideas, as well as product introductions and discussions on trends and best practices. By entering your order directly, you create more time for working on your business!