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Gold Canyon Signature Pork Ribs

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

BBQ season is here! And Chef Angel shows how Gold Canyon Signature™ Pork Ribs can set your dishes apart from the competition. Full racks, gourmet trimmed and peeled with precise portions every time, help keep prep costs low, menu costs consistent and offer great plate coverage and wonderful presentation.


Summer Flavors from Artisanal Provisions

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Bright, sharp, fresh flavors are perfect for the transition from late spring to early summer. These recommendations from Brad Radack, our product specialist from California, are ready to brighten your seasonal menu.

raw roast turkey prepared on a plate

Cobblestreet MKT. Turkey: No Antibiotics. EVER. Like, Ever.

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Today’s consumers don’t just want delicious food – they want to know what it’s made of. They’re seeking food with no antibiotics ever, no artificial ingredients and no preservatives. Cobblestreet MKT. No Antibiotics Ever Turkey delivers exactly that and more: the clean label customers demand and the succulent, wholesome quality that keeps them coming back.

Pier 22 Premium Trout

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

There’s more to Pier 22 Premium Trout than just delicate taste and texture. Raised from our own eggs in pristine spring water, our process uses land-based farming techniques that reduce impact on the environment and are also free from added hormones and preventative antibiotics, so you can be confident that you are serving goodness in every way.

March’s Top 4 Artisanal Provisions Picks

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Spring celebrations deserve lots of flavor. These picks from Shamrock Food’s newest Product Specialist, Mark Patel are sure to brighten up any plate. With 25 years in the restaurant industry, Mark’s picks are sure to light up your menu!

Don’t Have a Cow!

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Tame your health-conscious guests’ craving for wild game with Gold Canyon Premium Bison. Raised on the open range by family ranchers who adhere to strict ethical treatment guidelines, this lean protein is naturally tender, rich in beefy flavor, and will add a taste of adventure to your unique menu.