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Artisanal Provisions

Artisanal Provisions: Trending Now

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Two of our in-house culinary experts are back to share their top five Artisanal Provisions products trending now. This time, C Marden and Tim Schlarbaum bring you a diverse list of sweet and spicy, all sharing a key commonality – they each pair beautifully with wine.

Escalon’s Quality-First Tomato Products

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

In addition to great taste and consistency, with Escalon tomatoes, you never have to worry about harsh processing methods or unnecessary ingredients. Natural quality is Escalon’s hallmark and what allows our operators to consistently provide the dining experience their guests demand.

Markon Melon Recipe

Mouthwatering Melons are on The Menu

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Melons are at their peak flavor in summer and early fall, making now the perfect time to incorporate these sweet and juicy favorites into your menu. With their vibrant colors and refreshing flavors, cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon are incredibly versatile in both sweet and savory applications.

Savory Éclair

Cucumber-Honeydew Eclairs

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

These sophisticated dessert bites meld the mild, yet refreshing flavors of cucumber and honeydew melon with creamy custard and delicate pastry. Ideal for diners that prefer savory over sweet.

Melon Ball Cups with Markon

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Fresh cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon check all the boxes for a healthy dessert: vitamin-rich, low carb, gluten-free, vegan, and delicious! Garnish with subtly spicy Thai basil for a sophisticated touch.

Strawberry-Honeydew Spoons

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Ideal for mid-meal palate cleansers or a light dessert, these bite-size fruity spoons are visually stunning and packed with natural flavors.

Comfort Foods Reimagined with Artisanal Provisions

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Comfort foods are growing up and going global. Consumers still crave the classics, but taste buds are yearning to explore worlds (and tastes) unknown. Our own Artisanal Provisions expert Jonathon Merrick shows us new techniques to take five all-time favorites to the next level.