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Halloween is the BIGGEST pizza holiday of the year. Why not take your pizza game to the next level with these incredible items from Artisanal Provisions? This list of perfect toppings, created by Product Specialist Roland Ulrich, will separate your pizza menu from the rest of the pack.

Pinsa Pizza Crust

Pinsa is a Roman Style pizza crust that is an upgrade from traditional pizza. Pinsa Dough has 85% less fat, 100% less cholesterol, 50% less calories than regular pizza. It is 100% vegan, 70% gluten free, keto friendly and does not contain artificial preservatives, cholesterol or added sugar. Made from wheat, rice and soy flour, this crust is very Digestible and much healthier. Just add sauce, cheese and any doping’s of your choice and bake for 5-7 minutes at 500 degrees.

Iberico Salchichon Salami

Iberico Salchichon is made from pork of the famed black-hoofed Iberico Pig native to Spain. Salchichon sausages are simply seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and hung in the cool mountain air for several weeks. Unlike Iberico Chorizo, Salchichon sausages are not seasoned with smoked Paprika, so the pure Iberico pork flavor shines through in each delicious bite! Slice thinly and serve with a crisp white wine from Spain.

Chopped Calabrian Peppers

Calabrian chiles are a category of Chili peppers grown in the Italian region of Calabria, located at the toe of the boot. Enclosed by three separate mountain ranges and situated between the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west and the Ionian Sea to the east, Calabria enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with little rain during the summer months, which is the prime season for growing Chili peppers. The best way to use Calabrian chiles depends on what form they come in. One of the most common is the crushed style, where the ripe hot chiles are ground into a paste along with oil, vinegar, and salt. The resulting Chili paste resembles Indonesian sambal. Best used in sauces and any Italian dishes.

4 Month, Cave-Aged Manchego

Inspired by the historic method of producing and curing Manchego in wine cellars and caves, Alimentias created a unique cave aging facility in Southern Spain to mature this special 4-month Manchego. Marrying tradition with technology, this first-of-its-kind cave aging facility allows artisans to control temperature, humidity, and air quality to reflect the conditions of La Mancha. The DOP Manchego Cheese is produced in adherence to traditional techniques with high-quality milk from the Manchega breed of sheep before being transported to the caves to complete the aging process. Oak barrels and greenhouse herbs like lavender and thyme infuse the atmosphere as the cheeses age, resulting in subtle yet noticeable notes of flavor. Great on Pizza and any cheeseboards, Queso dips and sandwiches.

Sabatino Black Balsamic Glaze

Balsamic Glaze is a much-loved addition to any pizza. Its sweet flavor enhances meats, vegetables, and cheese, while its striking color creates a social media worthy plate. This Black Balsamic Glaze by Sabatino is from Modena, Italy. The balsamic reduction creates a rich and thick, syrupy cream, creating a faster and easier solution.

Our Artisanal Provisions products are regionally curated. Speak to your local product specialist or check out our catalogs to find out what’s available in your area.

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