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Godsill Company: New Roads to Revenue

Shamrock Foods Customer Stories

Robert “Boomer” Godsill’s plate is definitely full. Still, even with three highly successful Idaho restaurant brands – Sunrise Cafe, Biscuit & Hogs and Brunchette – and seven restaurants, Godsill hungered for extra helpings of entrepreneurship. So he restructured his business to allow for more.

The Goat & Vine: Food is Our Love Language

Shamrock Foods Customer Stories

Visitors to California’s wine country often wax poetic about the time they’ve spent there. For those visitors who dine at The Goat & Vine, a full-service restaurant in Old Town Temecula, the food is a memorable part of the experience.

Shamrock Healthcare Customer Named Chef Master

Shamrock Foods Customer Stories

Shamrock Foods recently hosted its second Chef Master Competition with senior living facilites from the Ensign Bandera group. Each property had participants such as dietary directors, chefs, and executive directors facing off to create a winning entrée as judged by five local judges with healthcare backgrounds. Finalists moved on to a dessert round which revealed the ultimate winner.

Finding Satisfaction in the Business Life

Shamrock Foods Customer Stories

Born to entrepreneur parents, Jean Bernstein grew up with a front-row seat to how companies are run. Blessed with innate business acumen and drive, she became a successful, self-described “serial entrepreneur” early on. Still, Bernstein recalls that, even while making money, she and her husband Mark Bernstein hungered for more.

Fashioning Distinctive Experiences

Shamrock Foods Customer Stories

Mark Van Grack’s background in fashion gave him the ability to see future trends. His insight led to Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar, a four-unit, full-service operation featuring Japanese-Hawaiian fusion fare and Motomaki, a three-unit, fast-casual sushi operation.

D.H. Lescombes Winery & Bistro

Shamrock Foods Customer Stories

After being impacted by COVID-19, New Mexico’s D. H. Lescombes Winery and Bistro quickly realized takeout and delivery options wouldn’t be enough to keep business going. The restaurant adapted its business model to also sell groceries, resulting in a twenty-fold increase in quarantine restaurant sales.

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