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Menu Resources

Menu Inspiration: Culinary insights and the latest trends from Restaurant Industry Experts.

ShamrockOrders: Our easy-to-use ordering platform

Shamrock Rewards: Exclusive offers, rebates and promotions for our broadline, foodservice customers

Menu Wizard: A smarter way to manage inventory and increase profits

Menu Studio:  Our professional creative team uses menu engineering to custom-design a menu that helps build your brand, increase customer loyalty and drive sales of more profitable items. To get started, contact your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative.

Kitchentelligence Magazine: The fast-paced foodservice industry is constantly evolving, and Kitchentelligence Magazine is here to help. Offering menu inspiration, business insights and customer stories from Shamrock Foods, available anywhere at any time.

Chef Approved Prep: With ready-to-use products from our Shamrock Family of Brands, you can focus more on perfecting your dishes while chopping down your prep time.

Oil Cost Calculator: Input the cost of your current frying oil to see the Aspen Gold XTREME® difference.

Shamrock Food Service Warehouses: Wholesale grocery, open to the public

Business Insights

Industry Expertise: Get the latest foodservice and restaurant industry news, tips & tricks, and more.

Restaurant Business Consulting: A team of foodservice professionals dedicated to providing insight, training and solutions for all your business needs

Break Even Capacity Worksheet - The Shamrock Foods Break Even Calculator, also known as our Profitability Calculator, can help inform decisions while navigating the changing regulations to ensure maximum profitability

Market Outlook: Weekly pricing projections and market updates from our specialists to help you plan

Curated Restaurant Services: Business partners curated by our Shamrock Foods consultant team for web design, marketing, uniforms, online ordering, inventory management and more.

Shamrock Exclusive Events: Learn how to profit from the latest trends, sit in on informative seminars, taste new items, get fresh menu ideas and take advantage of special promotions and savings at a regional Shamrock Foods Event.

Kitchen Conversations

Welcome to Shamrock Foods podcast, Kitchen Conversations, where we talk to Shamrock partners and friends about how they approach hospitality, stay on top of trends, and manage a successful business.


Tune in to our Youtube Channel for reliable insights and inspiration from our team of experts.

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