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For a fresh approach to the unique needs and challenges of the healthcare industry, hospitals, long-term care and other institutional programs trust the dedicated, experienced healthcare team at Shamrock Foods. After all, we offer solutions for special dietary needs, nutritional analysis, compliance with regulations, menu cycling and more. Plus, we have chefs at all branches to support and inspire with a focus on fresh ingredients and the latest culinary trends.

Healthcare Cullinary

Culinary Forward Focus

Shamrock Foods offers an experienced team of Menu Specialists to support and inspire you with the latest culinary trends. Menu Wizard+ offers fresh, innovative meals that keep up with the trends and offer variety. With a focus on fresh center of the plate, produce and dairy, Shamrock Foods also features an extensive line of specialty ingredients.

Healthcare Support

Dedicated Healthcare Support

Shamrock Foods offers a specialized management and sales team, including Registered Dietitians, to ensure your success. From regulatory guidance to controlling costs, our mission is to drive resident and guest satisfaction.

Menu Wizard Plus


Your foodservice operation has a unique set of needs, and Shamrock Foods is here to help with the right products and service for success. As part of our commitment to going beyond delivery, we offer Menu Wizard+ an easy way to control food costs, manage inventory, manage Resident dietary data and much more. Available exclusively for our customers, Menu Wizard+ is a powerful online tool that helps you focus on what matters most – the people you serve. To get started, contact your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative or email the Menu Team directly at


  • Variety of template menus: 4, 5 or 6 -week cycle and therapeutic menus, regional/ethnic menus, high-medium-low PRD menus, holiday menus, specialty menus (gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and more), labor lean menu, disaster menu, create your own
  • Dietitian approved menus with IDDSI compliance
  • Complete your Shamrock Foods® order in the menu system with real-time pricing without a third-party interface
  • Custom reports
  • Tray Card or Tray Ticket
  • Selective Dining – take orders tableside or in room
  • Web-based – access from any device
  • 5,000 + recipes: seasonal, cultural, scratch & speed scratch, convenience, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, create your own


  • Accurate Per-Resident-Day (PRD) cost

  • Accurate nutritional information

  • Control of food budget

  • 100% customizable- Menus Your Way

  • Dedicated Menu Specialists

  • Live menu training and continued live personalized support

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