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Artisanal Provisions

Artisanal Provisions: Trending Now

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Two of our in-house culinary experts are back to share their top five Artisanal Provisions products trending now. This time, C Marden and Tim Schlarbaum bring you a diverse list of sweet and spicy, all sharing a key commonality – they each pair beautifully with wine.

Restaurant Supply Fryers

Reduce Labor Costs and Save Time with ProClean No Boil Fryer Cleaner

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Many of the best-run companies in our industry regularly analyze operations and procedures to determine where cost-reducing changes can be made. That’s where ProClean No Boil Fryer Cleaner comes in! A breakthrough spray-on fryer cleaner that’s simpler and faster to clean tough, cooked-on grease in the deep fryer.

Kitchen Conversations

Kitchen Conversations By Shamrock Foods: Bo Bryant

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Bo Bryant has touched every part of the restaurant industry through his career and now helps restaurant owners navigate the challenges they are facing. He is no stranger to periods of inflation and staffing issues, so knows what areas to focus on in order to maximize profitability amidst the demands of the current economy.

Escalon’s Quality-First Tomato Products

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In addition to great taste and consistency, with Escalon tomatoes, you never have to worry about harsh processing methods or unnecessary ingredients. Natural quality is Escalon’s hallmark and what allows our operators to consistently provide the dining experience their guests demand.

Shamrock Healthcare Customer Named Chef Master

Shamrock Foods Customer Stories

Shamrock Foods recently hosted its second Chef Master Competition with senior living facilites from the Ensign Bandera group. Each property had participants such as dietary directors, chefs, and executive directors facing off to create a winning entrée as judged by five local judges with healthcare backgrounds. Finalists moved on to a dessert round which revealed the ultimate winner.

Markon Melon Recipe

Mouthwatering Melons are on The Menu

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Melons are at their peak flavor in summer and early fall, making now the perfect time to incorporate these sweet and juicy favorites into your menu. With their vibrant colors and refreshing flavors, cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon are incredibly versatile in both sweet and savory applications.

Savory Éclair

Cucumber-Honeydew Eclairs

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

These sophisticated dessert bites meld the mild, yet refreshing flavors of cucumber and honeydew melon with creamy custard and delicate pastry. Ideal for diners that prefer savory over sweet.