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Fruit-Full Cocktails are Multiplying on Menus

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Attention, operators looking to add excitement to your bar menu: The sun has not set on the Tequila Sunrise. Nostalgia is trending. More than half of consumers say they are interested in vintage and Tiki-style cocktails, which brings to bar menus a bevy of beverages awash in colorful booze, fruit juice and hunks of luscious fruit.

Artisanal Provisions: June’s Top Flavor Sensations

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Artisanal provisions expert Tim Schlarbaum takes our taste buds abroad this summer season, sprinkling in a little culinary knowledge for good measure. The legacy of attention to detail and unique attributes of our artisanal provisions products is what makes them so special.

Putting A New Spin On Shakes

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When it comes to craveability, texture creates interesting mouthfeel that’s just as critical as flavor. Think crispy fried chicken. Or crunchy potato chips. And now … milkshakes!

100th Year Heritage Burger

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Heritage breeds stand the test of time by demonstrating characteristics that set them apart from the rest. To honor 100 years of innovation and perseverance, Gold Canyon Meat CO. created the Heritage recipe burger.

Gold Canyon Signature Pork Ribs

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BBQ season is here! And Chef Angel shows how Gold Canyon Signature™ Pork Ribs can set your dishes apart from the competition. Full racks, gourmet trimmed and peeled with precise portions every time, help keep prep costs low, menu costs consistent and offer great plate coverage and wonderful presentation.

Shamrock Foodservice In Billings, MT

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For over 100 years, Shamrock has been serving communities and dedicated to delivering more than just quality food. We’re so excited to announce that we will be expanding our current food delivery service in Billings, MT area and opening a new Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse to the public in spring 2022.


Summer Flavors from Artisanal Provisions

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Bright, sharp, fresh flavors are perfect for the transition from late spring to early summer. These recommendations from Brad Radack, our product specialist from California, are ready to brighten your seasonal menu.