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The Goat & Vine: Food is Our Love Language

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Visitors to California’s wine country often wax poetic about the time they’ve spent there. For those visitors who dine at The Goat & Vine, a full-service restaurant in Old Town Temecula, the food’s a memorable part of the experience.

“The Goat & Vine exists to fulfill our love of food and our love of people,” says Managing Owner Nathan Rivera.

The Goat & Vine is devoted to the art of scratch-cooking. Breads rise from a 120-year-old sourdough starter. Pizza doughs, sauces, dressings and protein-based dishes are handcrafted with assiduous attention to detail.

“Food should be honest, healthy and created with the utmost integrity,” Rivera says. “Our culinary perspective is shaped by our commitment to offer food that creates lasting memories and unites people. Food is our love language and we welcome all to our table.”

"Shamrock Foods has been able to provide us with the best and freshest ingredients, even hard-to-procure items."

What sets you apart from your competitors?

NR: Our unwavering commitment to offer food that’s made by our own hands only.

What inspires you?

NR: Our business is primarily a business of people and relationships. Those relationships bring me inspiration.

What motivates your staff?

NR: Working with like-minded people who want to pursue excellence. The team’s real motivation comes from within. They believe in our mission and the culture we’ve created. They’re motivated to maintain what we’ve built together.

How do you ensure a high level of hospitality?

NR: Hospitalitarians aren’t made but are born with a servant’s heart and perspective. We hire people with this kind of heart, with this kind of perspective.

How do you keep profitability high?

NR: By spending more — on product, tools and the team. Never cut corners. Don’t focus on the money. Focus on the people and the food, and the money will follow.

“Shamrock Foods is so transparent, you always know they have your best interest in mind.”

Any changes to how you do business?

NR: We re-examined our business model and automated several of our internal processes to better meet growing demand for to-go, online ordering and touchless delivery.

Have you changed your menu?

NR: We pretty much haven’t changed our menu since we opened over six years ago. The hallmark of The Goat & Vine is consistency. Dine with us, and one month or even one year later that Jalapeño Lime Carnitas Pizza will taste exactly the same.

How do you attract new customers and foster loyalty?

NR: We’ve never spent a dime on advertising. We’ve always believed that all your money should be spent on getting the best possible product and paying your team industry-leading wages. We gain customers who hear from friends or family about The Goat & Vine. Ultimately, the guests are more loyal to our brand than if they’d seen an ad.


  • Jalapeño Lime Carnitas Pizza

  • Mother’s Meatballs

  • The Saloon Steak Mushroom Melt Sandwich

What new customer behaviors are you seeing?

NR: An uptick in online ordering and demand for to-go services. I suspect this will continue for some time.

How do you manage takeout services?

NR: We’ve found that managing all our own takeout services is much more beneficial to our operations and, ultimately, to meeting guests’ expectations.

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