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MenuWizard+ Custom Menu Solutions

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Low on staff resources? Discharged residents in need of proper nutrition? MenuWizard+ and Shamrock Foods’ Menu Specialists have solutions for these scenarios and so much more.

Essential Tools for Succeeding in 2021

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Restaurant guidelines and customer needs are continuing to evolve, sometimes daily. It’s more important than ever for restaurant operators to adapt on the fly and Shamrock Foods has six powerful tools than can help you succeed in 2021.

Hospitality To-Go

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

You’ve mastered your takeout menu to include items that travel best. You’ve identified a collection of takeout containers that keep your dishes intact. Your carryout ordering system is running smoothly. But, do you provide each guest with a free side of hospitality? When it comes to hospitality, a little goes a long way. Training your team to be engaging and offering meaningful guest incentives are the first places to start.

Knorr Professional Sauces Add Extraordinary Flavor to Your Holiday Menu

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Sponsored by Unilever Food Solutions

With Winter approaching and colder weather settling in, elegant, warm and hearty foods should be a highlight on your menu, but customers have become bored with the same old comfort foods. Take your Winter and Holiday Menu from ordinary to extraordinary with Knorr Ultimate Demi Glace and Knorr Ultimate Hollandaise Sauces.

Perfecting Plate Presentation

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

People’s perception of taste is affected by the presentation of food on the plate. If a meal looks bland, it may taste bland regardless of its true flavor. To enhance appetites and promote healthy nutrition in senior living facilities, it’s important to thoughtfully plate food. Menu Wizard+ by Shamrock Foods can help.

Portion Control: How to Measure Up

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

You’ve undoubtably spent ample time perfecting nutritionally balanced meals for residents and don’t want to let that work get lost in translation with imperfect measurements. Proper recipe execution benefits your bottom line and equates to resident satisfaction. Stocking your kitchen with an array of scoops, spoodles and ladles allows you to adhere to careful measuring and Shamrock Foods offers color-coded measuring tools for every portion.