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Shamrock Foods Break Even Calculator

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

The Shamrock Foods Breakeven Calculator can help inform decisions while navigating the changing regulations. Enter fixed costs in addition to seats, capacity, table turns, as well as takeout and delivery revenue to guide staffing and menu decisions to ensure maximum profitability.

Wayfinding Best Practices

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

A lack of clear communication and poor wayfinding signage can turn a great customer experience into a stressful and confusing encounter. Wayfinding, the signage and tools that guide customers through the entire dining experience, can provide ease of mind and clear communication of the journey the customer can expect.

Restaurant Operators as Crisis Communicators

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Clarity through communication is the new dimension of hospitality. Restaurant operators used to be the life of the party, but now need to act as the designated driver with more responsibility and calmness. Inconsistent and broad recommendations from a variety of sources have made it hard for restaurant operators to know exactly what to do.

Touchless Pay

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

One of the most difficult points of the customer interaction under social distancing rules is the payment portion. From receipt folios, to pens to sign receipts, and cash tips and handing credit cards back and forth, the amount of points of contact are numerous.

Returning to In-Restaurant Dining

Savannah Cook Business Insights

As restrictions are lifted and restaurant re-openings slowly unfold, opinions about partaking in this once go-to activity are as varied as taste buds themselves. Some diners are rushing to make a reservation, and some have more of a wait-and-see mentality.

Seafood Strong

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

When seeking center of the plate solutions and alternatives to meat protein, seafood is an incredibly versatile option in strong supply.

Spotlight on Sanitization

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

In our post pandemic world, great food, excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere are no longer enough to define good hospitality. Restaurants’ brand identities now also rely upon tangible and visible sanitization efforts.

Why To-Go Will Remain A Go-To

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Takeout and delivery became heroes in their own right as the pandemic closed dining rooms. These options helped restaurants fight for their business. But make no mistake, takeout and delivery are here to stay.