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Tray filled with several nuts, vegetables and fruits.

Consumers Crave Customized Experiences

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In their search for new & interesting foods, diners are not only choosing restaurants based on more than just the published menu. They’re looking for the flexibility to customize what’s menued according to their individual tastes and needs.


April 2019 Market Outlook

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Shower yourself with knowledge and check out what’s fresh in the market this month! Stay in the know on market insights and be prepared for the month ahead.

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Food Trends: Winter 2019

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

With a new year comes a new rush of food trends. Stay up-to-date on what’s trending in the market and see how you can incorpoate them in your menu!


Metrics for Success

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Knowing and understanding the numbers is only one part of managing your operation. Utilize these tips and tricks to ensure that you are set up for success.


January 2019 Market Outlook

Shamrock Foods Business Insights

Take a fresh start on your new year and check out this month’s market outlook! Set yourself up for success by utilizing these fresh ingredients.