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Top 5 Labor-Savers

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Chefs across the country are using these top 5 Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) item categories to battle labor shortages and commodity price fluctuations.  Switch from bulk to Ready-Set-Serve lightly prepped produce and see your efficiencies soar!


  • Keep your valuable workforce focused on more valuable tasks.

  • Keep waste from entering your bottom line.

  • Keep contamination out of the kitchen.

  • Keep knife-injury risk out of the picture.

  • Keep quality impeccably fresh.


The perfectly ripe avocado is a work of culinary art. RSS avocado halves and pulp arrive 100% usable to inspire custom guacs and add value across the menu.

Ready-Set-Serve Pure Avocado Pulp

  • 100% yield compared to 67% with bulk avocados
  • Save 30 minutes per case in labor compared to bulk


Get right to the finishing touch – whether caramelizing for French onion soup or tossing raw on tacos – without the risk or waste of peeling and chopping.

Ready-Set-Serve Diced Yellow Onion

  • 100% yield compared to 64% with bulk yellow onions
  • Save 2 hours per case in labor compared to bulk


Crisp and fresh creations are a snap with pre-washed, prechopped romaine – from entrée salads to Buddha bowls. Why labor through damaged and contaminated leaves of commodity products when you could be creating?

Ready-Set-Serve Chopped Romaine

  • 100% yield compared to 63% with bulk romaine
  • Save 45 minutes per case in labor compared to bulk


From bite-sized crowns that add no-prep convenience to wraps and bowls to earthy baby broccoli florets that add style to sides and entrées, our broccoli eliminates waste while adding nutritious taste.

Ready-Set-Serve Broccoli Florets

  • 100% yield compared to 50% with bulk broccoli
  • Save 30 minutes per case in labor compared to bulk

Brussels Sprouts

Trimming is the hardest part of meeting the increased demand for these nutritious menu gems; we do that for you. Available whole or halved to fit any menu application you can imagine – even pickled!

Ready-Set-Serve Brussels Sprouts Halves

  • 100% yield compared to 75% with bulk romaine
  • Save 18 minutes per case in labor compared to bulk

To learn more about how Markon Ready-Set-Serve can save you time on the line, contact your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative.

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