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Egg-cellent Savings

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Fair Meadow Liquid Eggs are real whole eggs already cracked and conveniently packaged. You can save time and labor by avoiding the hassle and mess of cracking shell eggs. And there are no shells to break during transport so there is no waste!


5 Ways to Next-Level Tech

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To succeed in the face of staff shortages and other challenges, foodservice operators could use a helping hand. New technologies are at your service.

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The Need for Speed

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Looking to improve efficiencies and margins – and do more with fewer and less-trained staff? Fast-tracking prep is one of the surest ways to get there.

Shamrock Breakfast Bowls

Managing Rising Egg Costs in Food Service

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For restaurant owners, this rise in egg prices presents a significant challenge. With food costs already top of mind, the rising cost of eggs can quickly eat into profits. To mitigate the impact of rising egg prices, many restaurants are turning to creative solutions.

Create A Winning Restaurant Culture

Working with a Menu Specialist

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Running a health care or long-term care facility is challenging enough, without the added stress of menu planning. Shamrock Foods offers an experienced team of Menu Specialists to support and inspire you with the latest culinary trends and best in class nutritional guidance.

Playbook Hero

Top Ways to Execute a Winning Playbook

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We’re rooting for you! Win that playoffs business by thinking like a top team. Tackle strategies that end around the competition and signal to fans that yours is the only place to fuel their game experience