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Choosing the Right Point of Sale System for Your Restaurant

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Consumers today need more than a great meal – they need a great dining experience from start to finish. Even the bill payment process should be able to make a positive impression while also providing you with key business insights. 

 A quality restaurant POS system truly is at the center of your business. Choosing the right point of sale system is key to profitability and success. Here’s how to get started in selecting the best one for your unique needs.  

Top Benefits of a POS System for Restaurants

Here are some of the ways a better restaurant POS can benefit your business.

Streamline Operations

All restaurant operations can be managed from one centralized platform, so there’s a single source of truth and a seamless flow of accurate data in real-time.

Save Time

With mobile restaurant iPad POS terminals, your staff can spend less time running orders from the table to the kitchen. Quick service restaurant POS systems with table-side ordering allow staff to bust lines for faster service. Full-service restaurant POS systems with this feature allow staff to take and place orders alongside customers.  A point of sale system also eliminates manual processes, such as taking inventory by hand, which saves hours each day.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Break down food cost percentages and contribution margins by day and by menu item to spot opportunities to improve menu prices. A POS can also help you identify food waste and theft. And this reporting can show you how much staff to schedule to optimize labor costs.

Improve the Guest Experience

A POS speeds up transaction times, so you can serve guests faster while improving accuracy so you can avoid errors. And restaurant POS system features, such as customer engagement tools, help drive repeat business and boost guest retention.

How to Pick your Point of Sale System

Assess your needs: Begin by understanding your restaurant's specific needs to determine the features and functionalities you require. Consider factors such as the size of your establishment, number of seats, types of food or beverages served, average ticket value, and any unique aspects of your operations.

Identify key features: Make a list of essential features that you expect from a point-of-sale system. Common features of restaurant POS systems include order management, menu customization, table management, inventory tracking, employee management, reporting and analytics, integrations (payment processors and accounting software), and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

Consider ease of use: A user-friendly interface is crucial for your staff. Look for a system that offers an intuitive design, customizable layouts, and easy navigation. Consider the training and support provided by the point of sale system vendor to ensure a smooth transition.

Mobility and flexibility: Evaluate whether you need a fixed POS system at a counter or if you require mobility for tableside ordering and payment processing.

Integration capabilities: Check if the POS system integrates with other tools and software you use, such as accounting systems, reservation management software, inventory management or loyalty programs.

Cost and pricing structure: Evaluate the pricing model of different POS systems. Some vendors charge upfront fees, while others offer monthly subscriptions or take a percentage of your sales. Consider the total cost of ownership, including hardware, software, training, ongoing support, and potential transaction fees. It's important to balance cost with the value and features provided.

Security and compliance: Given the sensitive nature of payment data, prioritize a POS system that ensures robust security measures. Look for systems that are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant and have features like encryption, secure payment processing, and user access controls.

Scalability: Consider your future plans. Will your point of sale system accommodate your needs as your restaurant expands?

Reviews and recommendations: Rely on peers & experts to guide you. Our team of Business Consultants and specialists are happy to help you make this important decision.

Request demos and trials: Narrow down your options and request demos or trials from the POS vendors. This will give you hands-on experience with the system and help you evaluate its ease of use, functionality, and suitability for your restaurant.

Selecting the right point of sale system will enhance your whole business. While it can feel overwhelming, our team of Business Consultants and specialists are here to help with this important decision. Contact your Shamrock Foods Representative for more information today.

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