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Advancing Speed Scratch

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Want a fast way to diversify your menu and deliver bigger flavor?

Speed-scratch to the rescue. With their robust quality and unparalleled convenience, speed scratch ingredients serve as both a culinary approach and a profitability tool.

“There’s been an evolution in speed-scratch products,” says Rodney Estrada, Shamrock Foods Branch Chef, New Mexico. “The quality and variety of speed-scratch ingredients is at an all-time high. The opportunity to reduce repetitive prep tasks that customers will never notice is worth embracing.”

Speed-scratch frees up your culinary team to concentrate on menu development and your point of distinction.

“Use pre-prepped/pre-cooked ingredients to create culinary-forward dishes — from compound condiments to signature entrees and desserts,” says Ryan Elmore, Shamrock Foods Restaurant Consultant, New Mexico

“The difference speed-scratch can make to a restaurant’s profitability is incredible.
Jeff Pivin, Shamrock Foods Restaurant Resources Manager

Inspired speed-scratch Products and applications 

Baked goods/desserts. Pre-made batters are stepping up, providing dessert and baked-goods opportunities without requiring a pastry chef.  

Center of the plate. Rejigger classic entrees and invent new ones. 

  • Custom-cut steaks from Gold Canyon Meat CO.®  and custom-cut seafood fillets from Pier 22 Seafood CO.®
  • “Top your house mac and cheese with pre-cooked bacon or beautiful burnt ends, like those from Prairie Creek, and you’ve got a nice appetizer that’s delicious with very little prep involved,” Estrada advises.
  • Update classic pasta and pizza dishes with premade, pre-seasoned sauces from Bella Bello by Shamrock Foods.
  • Birria Egg Rolls filled with shredded Prairie Creek® marinated pork shoulder and served with chile dipping sauce. 

Spend more time making a strong impression on customers and less time on chopping and busywork.” 

Rodney Estrada, Shamrock Foods Branch Chef, New Mexico 

Produce. “Take advantage of things like pre-cut and processed vegetables from Ready-Set-Serve® by Markon — the freshness is there,” says Jeff Pivin, Shamrock Foods Restaurant Resources Manager. “Your customer is not going to notice that you didn’t chop the lettuce or dice the tomatoes. It really does add up to significant savings.” 

  • Ready-Set-Serve® fava beans in summer succotash.
  • Cabbage slaw and vegetable medley with Ready-Set-Serve® prepared Pico de Gallo salsa. “The fresh sliced tomatoes last up to five days in the refrigerator,” Estrada explains. “They’re amazingly packed, are consistent, and are so fresh.” 
  • Guacamole with Ready-Set-Serve® avocado. “Four or five years ago, I would have only used fresh avocadoes, but nowadays, believe me, I’m going to use speed-scratch avocado,” Estrada declares. “It saves significant labor and money.” 
  • Red chile-crisp oil from Shamrock Foods Artisanal Provisions – add it to fresh melon or vinaigrettes. 
  • Infuse speed-scratch mashed potatoes with shredded, cooked lobster meat or salmon from Pier 22 Seafood CO.® The mashed potatoes can be prepared on their own and held days ahead of time until you’re ready to adapt them however you like. 

    The bottom line? 

    “Give speed-scratch items your own personal touch and put them on the menu,” Estrada urges.

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    Speed-scratch benefits

    • No training required. Inexperienced workers hit the ground running.
    • Reduced labor needs. Less prep means you need fewer back of house workers.
    • Improved worker safety. Reduces or eliminates knife-work injuries.
    • Enhanced food safety. Handling fewer ingredients helps keep customers safe.
    • Speed to service. Speed-scratch products reduce turnaround times. They get plates to tables and delivery out the door faster.
    • Streamlined inventory. You can cross-utilize speed-scratch items throughout the menu to reduce storage and inventory needs and costs.
    • Reduced cleanup! “Speed-scratch items generate less waste and less mess, cutting down on clean-up time,” says David Miles, Shamrock Foods Branch Chef, Arizona.
    • High-quality/freshness. “Incorporating minimally processed ingredients into raw goods ensures a level of freshness, quality, and consistency in the final dish,” says Mary McVoy, Shamrock Foods Restaurant Consultant, California.
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