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Escalon: Above All, A Better Tomato

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ESCALON Premier Brands was founded in 1944 by Italian immigrants, Cristoforo and Emma Colombo. Cristoforo and Emma knew that great tomatoes were essential to great Italian cooking. So, guided by a passion to create the world’s best canned Tomato products, they established Escalon to pack tomatoes with the fresh taste and high quality that Italian restaurateurs would demand. Today, their exacting standards focused on protecting the natural goodness of the tomato continue to make Escalon tomatoes and sauces the products of choice among fine establishment - “Above all, A better tomato.”

Premium Production Makes for Perfect Products

There’s an art and science to producing the world’s best Tomato products. ESCALON brands consistently maintain top quality and taste by strictly adhering to a set of processing criteria and practices:

  1. Only the best tomato varieties and the best growers
  2. Only in-season California tomatoes, fresh-packed within hours of harvest
  3. Minimized cooking and processing times
  4. Only steam peeling, never peeled with lye/chemicals – natural is best
  5. Only low-temperature processing – this maintains tomatoes’ rich red color
  6. No added citric acid, ever - this maintains natural flavor and ensures our products taste less acidic

Our research teams have been developing and selecting tomato varieties that provide the balance of flavor, color, aroma, and product performance for more than 70 years. These tomato varieties are grown and harvested by our select grower group, many of whom were handpicked by our founder, Cristoforo. The result is consistently delicious flavor and performance batch after batch.

Our gentle processing respects the flavor. Fresh tomatoes must be handled with care. That’s why we insist on gentle processing methods that never sacrifice quality for quantity. We use low-temperature technology and minimize cooking time to capture more of each tomato’s fresh color and flavor. Instead of using harsh chemicals to peel our tomatoes, we only use steam to protect their taste as well as the environment. Our steam peeling method is most similar to the home canning technique cooks have used for generations.

Above all, what matters to you and your customers is taste. We make our entire line of Escalon branded tomatoes without added citric acid, a preservative that can impart a noticeably bitter taste. Citric Acid is used by some manufacturers to lower their tomatoes’ pH and run their lines faster. The fresh-tasting goodness of natural tomatoes is what sets our products – and our customers’ recipes – apart from the rest.

Delicious for Every Cuisine

The Escalon tomato portfolio meets the needs of operators across different cuisine types and is ideal for use in commercial kitchens, restaurants, cafeterias and more. Made with vine-ripened California tomatoes that are crushed in season and concentrated to perfect consistency, our bulk product tastes exceedingly fresh and offers a subtle, natural sweetness to complement your signature recipes. Bright red and flavorful, the tomatoes in our Escalon portfolio are the perfect base ingredient for pizza, pasta sauce, gazpacho, and many other Italian, Latin, American, and international recipes. At home and away from home, consumers know and love the great taste of Escalon Tomatoes.

Tasting is Believing

Your passion inspires ours, and when you taste our tomatoes, you’ll find they’re made with the same uncompromising dedication to quality that drives you. Reach out to your Shamrock Foodservice Represenative to learn more about the Escalon tomato portfolio.

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