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Signature Fries

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Looking for a great shareable dish to add to your menu. Look no further that the humble French fry. With just a few ingredients, you can take this classic comfort food and transform it into a signature dish that’s sure to raise check averages. Bountiful Harvest® offers an array of options to upsell fries on the menu.


Spaghetti Amatriciana

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

With savory meats, velvety Pomodorino tomato sauce and smoky Calabrian chilies, this delicious spaghetti amatriciana recipe will satisfy your guests’ comfort food cravings.

Burrato Mozerella cheese from Artisanal Provisions, Shamrock Foods

February Artisanal Provisions Bring The Flavor

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Share your love of flavorful foods with guests this February by incorporating this month’s featured Artisanal Provisions products in your menu. Curated by Shamrock specialty product expert Johnathon Merrick inclusion of these small batch ingredients will impress the most discerning palates.

Potatoes Perfected

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Where would we be without the humble potato? Customers love the comfort of their favorite potato dishes, and restaurant operators love the variety and profitability that frozen potatoes and French fries have to offer. But how do you pick the right one? Take these factors into consideration.

Find Your Signature Burger

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

As customers seek comfort food and convenient to-go options, signature burgers are a great way for restaurant operators to add an easy to execute menu innovation that will grab a diner’s attention. With 50% of consumers eating burgers weekly*, consumers are looking for quality – gravitating toward premium beef, bison, and wagyu.