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Seared Salmon Recipe

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

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Salad but make it yummy and not boring? Done. Laid down on a bed of Knorr® Hollandaise and topped off with everyone’s favorite fish, salmon.

potato soup

Shamrock Soups

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Try a spoonful of your favorite soup recipe. The recipe’s have a fresher flavor and texture. Guarantee’d to warm you right up this winter. Read it here.


Candied Bacon Recipe

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Calling all brunch lovers who love the smell of bacon in the morning. This recipe is a simple twist on a classic dish. Learn how to make them here.

citrus chicken

Tasteful Journey

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Your tastebuds are about to skyrocket. Read about the inexpensive ways you can add flavor and spice to your dishes with Shamrock Foods.