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Villa Frizzoni Meatballs

Villa Frizzoni® Italian Meatballs

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What makes the perfect addition to pasta, pizza and subs? Meatballs! Villa Frizzoni® Italian Meatballs allow you to add authentic Italian flair to your menu with ease. Here’s a few reasons why Villa Frizzoni® Italian Meatballs are molto bene for your restaurant: Share this Post Get more great menu ideas and great savings on items you already purchase. Enjoy exclusive …

Beyond Basic Bar Bites: Raising The Bar For Flavor

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Cheering on a favorite team during the playoffs is hungry work. And that means fans feast. A lot. Pre-game. All throughout the game. Half-time. Even post-game. Historically, around 11 million* fans gather at their favorite local spot to watch the game and share in good times and great food. Some 7 percent* show up primarily just for the food. Be …

Certified Angus Beef®

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Not just any Angus beef gets the honor of being classified as Certified Angus Beef®. Make sure you’re bringing the highest quality beef to the table.

Knorr Caldo de Pollo: A Versatile Flavor Booster

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Guests want to see more authentic flavor and world cuisine, bring out the true character of your menu with Knorr® Caldo de Pollo. With its rich heritage in Hispanic and Latin cuisine, Knorr® Caldo de Pollo has been a staple in kitchens for over 50 years.

Chef Antonia’s Seafood Tostada

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Chef Antonia’s flavorful take on a tostada is the perfect combination of crisp vegetables and fresh seafood. It is packed with just enough flavor and spice to be a go-to menu item.

Shamrock Farms® Eggnog Panna Cotta

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The best eggnog starts with the best milk, and that’s why Shamrock Farms® Eggnog is better than the rest. It’s made with premium-quality ingredients using milk from our family of local farms, so we can guarantee its smooth and creamy texture.

Tostadas of the Town

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So many diners. So many dining styles. Optimize opportunities, build sales and satisfy guests with exciting, flavor-forward items and menus that serve many needs.

Specialty Coffees Perk Up the Holiday Season

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The holidays are the most wonderful — and hectic — time of the year. No wonder customers are more inclined to indulge in their cravings! Specialty coffee drinks refresh menus and generate buzz. Stimulate sales by leveraging some of today’s hottest foodservice trends

French Onion Mac & Cheese

Warm Up Your Menu with French Onion Mac & Cheese

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Brisk temperatures have us cozying up for winter and the upcoming holidays. Adding seasonal dishes to your menu is a great way to maximize profits while providing warm, inviting comfort foods for your guests. French Onion Mac & Cheese is the perfect twist on a classic wintertime soup. This indulgent dish will have your guests feeling like they’ve snuggled up …