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Crispy Jalapeno Burger

Texture & Spice that Makes Every Dish Nice

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Katy’s Kitchen® Crispy Jalapeño Strips are a versatile way to add spice and crunch to a variety of dishes. From soups to salads, burgers to pizzas and everything in between – see some of our favorite applications here!

Fuel Up the Fryers

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

Fried food doesn’t have to be flavorless. Check out tips on how to elevate fried favorites for all diets.

Pierport Ahi Tuna Kimchi Roll

Pierport® Seared Ahi Tuna Kimchi Rolls

Shamrock Foods Menu Inspiration

It should come as no surprise that diners are looking for exciting, high-quality seafood options on restaurant menus. A 2019 Technomic survey revealed that 45% of consumers are opting for seafood because they consider it a healthy option. Other diners are thinking about the environment, with 32% percent of respondents agreeing that wild caught seafood is an important purchasing factor. …