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Spring & Summer Desserts

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Spring is here, and it’s time to “Think Fresh”. Restaurant and service operators should shift gears and plan new menus for their spring/summer rollout. New, Spring Desserts are a great and easy way to “freshen up” your menu.

Refreshing Treats and Classic Favorites

Try a scoop of our Grateful Spoon sorbets available in Lemon (#3501991) and raspberry (#3485621) or Gelatos in Vanilla (#4129971) Salted Caramel (#3485641) or pistachio (#3485601) to freshen up any menu.

Looking for traditional favorites for your Mother's Day menu? Try Bindi's Classic Austrian Apple Strudel (#4897321), with a blend of apples, raisins, and spices, all enveloped in puff pastry and decorated with glazed sliced apples, or their traditional Napoleon Millefoglie (#4897341). They also have individually finished desserts such as the Limoncello flute in a single-serve flute (#4897331) or the Coppa al Limone di Sorrento (#5000721) great for quick service. Check out our full lineup of ready to please desserts.

Looking for something fresh? Take advantage of spring and summer fruits across your whole menu. Don't miss out on figs, and stone fruits like cherries and apricots from Markon. Consider cross-utilizing fruit purees in a variety of applications, including dressings, marinades, desserts, shrubs, mocktails, and cocktails, is another great way to change up your menus for spring without changing too many of your core ingredients. With all-natural ingredients and flavors from Passion Fruit (#3506601) to strawberry and prickly pear to white peach, our La Fruitiere line of purées is the perfect addition to any dish.

Discover exceptional specialty ingredients and artisanal products at Artisanal Provisions. Our commitment extends beyond knowing how our ingredients are made; we cultivate relationships with growers, cheese mongers, and families who craft them. We believe that great food starts with exceptional ingredients sourced from exceptional people.

Explore our curated selection of specialty items sourced from around the globe and local producers alike. Whether you need pantry staples or elusive ingredients, we offer quality and attention to detail in every product, from flour to fromage, preserves to pasta.

At Artisanal Provisions, we obsess over every aspect of our food, from the packaging of our cheese to the aging process of our charcuterie. We prioritize our relationships with ingredient suppliers and customers alike, ensuring that every step of our supply chain reflects our dedication to excellence in food service.

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