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The List: Six Must-Have Strategies for 2020 Success

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While recent statistics say[1] that 47% of consumers plan to “definitely avoid eating out,” restauranteurs have the opportunity to flip that on its head by asking “How can I provide that 47% the alternative dining experiences they’re longing for?” Similarly, as restauranteurs, how can we reach consumers migrating to in-home dining experiences?

This extends to all day parts given that many workers continue to work remotely. In fact[2], 43% of workers have stated they would like to continue working remotely forcing us to reevaluate what the weekday lunch rush looks like.

Now is the time to set your establishment apart by asking the right questions and answering them with key strategies and operational adjustments. To get started, we have the top six strategies you need to implement for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

1. Online Ordering

Offering a user-friendly online ordering capability is an absolute must. Shamrock Foods has expert partners that can help get your online ordering up and running. If you already have the capability, make sure the call-to-action is loud and clear with “Order Now” buttons, banners or clickable links that funnel customers to the transaction. Make online ordering options the star of your operation by promoting it on your building, windows, printed menus or flyers and on your social media pages.

2. Social Media Presence

Social media is the “word of mouth” for Millennials and Generation Z (now comprising 42% of the US Population)[1]. To communicate with these groups, you must have a social media presence and you must actively engage. This means you should not only post valuable content, but also interact with comments and quickly reply to instant messages on these platforms. We can help set you up for success with automated responses, reach out to your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative to learn more.

3. Manage the Flow

Constraints and consumer confidence will continue to affect the layout of restaurants. When establishing the revised layout of your establishment, it’s important to consider the customer journey from the parking lot to the table or pick-up area. Using wayfinding signage to avoid confusion will help ensure a pleasant experience for guests, and one they want to repeat.

4. Manage Prime Costs

Make the most of every dollar that comes into your business with thoughtful scheduling and menus. A good place to start is our Profitability Calculator. The Labor Minimum portion of the calculator and scheduling tools helps manage labor costs. For the menu, the Profitability Calculator can help analyze total cost and opportunities for savings. For example, highlighting top items and removing less popular choices from the menu allows for buying more of a smaller number of items and which keeps food fresher and reduces preparation labor costs.

5. Fill the Gaps

Family meals (micro-catering), meal prep, school lunches and pop-ups are opportunities to fill the evolving needs of your customers. They may not be able to visit their favorite restaurant, but you can provide the meal for their home celebration. You can also provide solutions for parents scrambling to figure out at-home lunch options for their online students.

6. Outdoor Dining

Designing outdoor dining space is a tremendous opportunity to mitigate occupancy constraints. Your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative is here to help you identify what additional furniture, equipment or technology you may need. They can also help with the necessary steps to secure an extension of premise for liquor licenses. Whether your market is enjoying good weather now or if it’s something to look forward to, the time to prepare your space is now.

Executing the above takes time and effort, but Shamrock Foods is more than your food service provider – we’re your partner. We’re here to “go beyond delivery” with any and every aspect of your business. Reach out to your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative today and get connected to the resources you need for success.

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