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Our Catalog of Beverage Services

Whether you’re looking for hot, cold, refreshing or energizing, we can provide a full line of profitable beverage products and equipment from some of the world’s top beverage brands. We offer solutions for front and back of the house to drive those beverage sales, including:

  • A full line, from single serve to gallons, plastic, aseptic, bag-in-box, cartridges, pouches, cups, cans, glass, and jugs.
  • Frozen, refrigerated, dry, single strength to concentrate, powdered to liquid, whole beans, liquid or ground.
  • A wide selection of on-trend organic, natural and craft beverages.
Beverage Services & Equipment

We offer all the beverage equipment for your operation, with servicing capabilities available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experienced Shamrock Foods Beverage Service Teams are ready to help you manage speed, setup, space, and efficiency requirements for all of your coffee, tea, and juice equipment service needs. They will clean the machines and work areas with the solution prior to exiting the call to ensure we’ve done everything we can to ensure the safety of you and your employees.


We search the world over for quality beans from desired growing regions, so every cup will delight your customers. Our blend masters work hard to ensure our coffee options deliver consistency in every cup, whether it’s flavored coffee, espresso, or cappuccino.

Four Leaf Coffee Roasters, one of the Shamrock Foods Family of Brand, was born from a dedication to the art and science of roasting and blending with time-tested techniques. Our direct relationship with suppliers allows us to ensure the quality of our product, as well as the ethical and equitable treatment of the farmers. Our proprietary 100% arabica recipes vary in flavor but never in quality.

Our Ridgeline line starts with the freshest whole beans from around the globe, and then we expertly roast them locally in small batches to our exacting specifications so they arrive fresh and full-bodied.


The world’s most popular beverage can be your most profitable one when you purchase tea from Shamrock Foods. Whether iced or hot, black or green, flavored or imported, tea offers your patrons a healthier, great tasting alternative to soda and satisfies even the most sophisticated palate.

Try our exclusive Trescerro Premium Teas. With hot and cold flavors wonderfully paired to your customers’ moods — our tea is sure to turn every diner counter, hotel hospitality basket and noshery into a place to relax and reconnect.

Juices & Drinks

We offer a full range of refreshing, energizing, healthy beverages for all parts of the day. Whether it’s 100% Valencia orange juice from Florida in a handy dispenser, or ready-to-serve cranberry juice cocktail in plastic, we have your needs covered.

Our Rejuv™ non-carbonated beverage brand offers a broad spectrum of refreshing products and solutions designed especially for foodservice operators. Solutions range from foodservice and hospitality operations, schools and healthcare to restaurants, bars and beyond. Rejuv® makes it easy to quench customer thirst for great taste while maximizing your profits.

We also offer a full range of bar mixes and bases to satisfy any application need.

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