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Our Center of Plate Catalog

Let your center-of-plate dishes shine with our selection of high-quality beef, poultry, pork, lamb, veal and seafood. From fresh to fully-prepared and added value portions, Shamrock Foods is the solution for all of your protein needs.

Shamrock Foods COP and Seafood Specialists are highly trained in all aspects and varieties of meat so they can support you in market trends and new products.

Gold Canyon Meat Co.

For over 50 years, our trained meat cutters have handcrafted custom cuts of the highest quality beef, poultry, pork, lamb and veal, helping to set our customers and their dishes apart from the competition. We offer customized aging programs, hand selection, standard and custom pack, and Cryovac* packaging.

Gold Canyon Meat Co.® is proud to feature:

  • Gold Canyon Premium Angus
  • Gold Canyon beef, pork, veal and lamb
  • Regal Crest chicken
  • Pierport seafood
  • Emerald Valley Ranch beef, pork and poultry

Located in Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado, Gold Canyon Meat Co. is dedicated to cutting, aging and processing to your exact specifications at our USDA facilities. A strict HACCP program and on-site laboratory are your assurance of the safety, freshness and integrity of our protein products.


Shamrock Foods offers a wide selection of this popular protein. Offering raw, ground, pre-shaped patties and custom cut portions, let our Shamrock Foods COP Specialists help find the best solution for your menu.

Look to Gold Canyon Premium Angus Beef for a superior flavor and juiciness. We use only upper two-thirds Choice beef selected from a superior supply of quality Angus cattle according to our USDA g_Schedule criteria, and handcraft to order, according to your specifications, cut after succulent cut.

In New Mexico and El Paso, Shamrock Foods is proud to feature Certified Angus Beef ®. Nationally-recognized, Certified Angus Beef takes no shortcuts and is renowned for flavor and juiciness.

Emerald Valley Ranch provides quality assured beef, pork and poultry, ready for your signature flavor.


Shamrock Foods offers a wide selection of chicken, turkey and other fowl. WOGs, breasts, thighs wings and tenderloins are available, in addition to a variety of partially-prepared and breaded, battered and crusted options.

Regal Crest Natural Reserve is fresh, all natural chicken that is USDA Process Verified to have no antibiotics ever and 100% vegetarian fed. All the flocks are also cage free and American Humane Certified. Available exclusively from Regal Crest Farms and Shamrock Foods, this is the No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) line of poultry you’ve been looking for.

Check out our Regal Crest Farms® Signature Chicken Culinary Seminar


Look to Shamrock Foods for a wide variety of pork options. From fresh pork to ham to cured bacon – diced, ground or cubed – Shamrock Foods has all of the pork cuts needed for your menu.

Gold Canyon Premium Pork is known for its unsurpassed tenderness, marbling and sweet flavor. Carefully raised Duroc hogs offer a higher-quality pork in a variety of custom cuts that is sure to please your customers.

Pier 22 Seafood CO.

Pier 22 Seafood CO® provides unrivaled access to freshly harvested fish from carefully vetted locations across the globe. Our skilled craftsmen know fish and know how to maximize freshness, flavor and presentation on your menu.

Seafood and Shellfish

Shamrock Foods sources seafood from sustainable fisheries from Alaska to Maine –arriving daily, fresh from the catch. Enjoy a wide selection of offerings including salmon, tuna, sea bass, grouper and cod. We have a variety of fresh seafood offerings that can be custom cut and packed to your specifications. We provide fresh and frozen seafood, and ready-to-make breaded, battered and crusted options.

Try Pierport Seafood, premium, fresh seafood packed to chefs’ specifications.

Many Items to Meet Your Needs

Rest assured that Shamrock Foods has a protein solution for your menu including lamb, veal, carne asada, sausage, hot dogs, Andouille, chorizo and specialty meats.

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