A Whole Lot of Wholesome Dairy

Better Dishes Start with Better Dairy.

We’re proud to offer Shamrock Farms dairy products exclusively to our customers. At Shamrock Farms, we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect the craft of dairy. Everything we make starts with pure, fresh milk from our family of local farms. And we never add artificial growth hormones, ever. Our products crafted using a hands-on approach we’ve been refining for three generations. The result is a delicious difference chefs will notice, and your customers will taste.

For 100 years, Shamrock Farms has provided the best dairy for the best dishes. From fresh milk and cheese to whipping cream and eggs, we’ve got the dairy goodness your customers will love.


From fat-free to whole, single-serve to five-gallon, we’ve got milk. And plenty of it. Including value sizes for your milk dispenser or your recipes. On-the-go bottles that are a perfect fit for upright refrigerators, cafeteria lines or served right on the table. And all the most popular flavors, like white, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.


Shamrock Foods offers a variety of whipping creams, a versatile ingredient that’s essential to any kitchen. Whether it’s aerosol or liquid, dairy or non-dairy, sweet or unsweetened, Shamrock Foods has a solution.
Try Shamrock Farms’ Heavy Whipping Cream, made from real dairy, for a gourmet taste and richness. You can count on it for consistent quality, texture, taste, and performance.


Whether you're searching for individual cups to set table side or large sizes for cooking, HTST or extended shelf life, Shamrock Foods offers a wide selection of half-and-half options to suit your needs.

Look to our own Shamrock Farms rich half-and-half as a coffee complement or an ingredient in your favorite dishes. State-of-the-art processing ensures farm-fresh flavor and plastic re-sealable bottles make it convenient to pour and store.


Shamrock Foods offers a range of sour cream options from local and national brands, including a variety of types and sizes. Our Shamrock Farms premium Sour Cream starts with pure, fresh milk from our family of local farms. Choose from the smooth and creamy texture of Traditional or slightly thicker Restaurant Style for extended plate presentation.


Cottage Cheese is an ideal salad-bar staple or a great option for guests seeking a low-carb substitute. Look to our Shamrock Farms award-winning cottage cheese for a delightfully creamy and consistently fresh taste.


Shamrock Foods offers a range of sizes of cream cheese to meet the needs of your operation, from condiment portions to loaves. Whether used as a spread or in baking, Shamrock Farms own rich and creamy cream cheese will always please with its farm-fresh superior taste.


There are many choices of luscious butter options to select from, including single-serve pads to value sizes, making it easy to serve as an accompaniment to bread or use as an ingredient. Our Shamrock Farms rich, creamy butter, available in traditional or European styles, will meet the highest standards of the most demanding chefs


Choose from a variety of forms and flavors, sourced from some of the world’s top brands. Cubed, sliced, shredded and diced, enjoy a top-of-the-line cheese selection including everything from Asiago, cheddar, blue cheese, blends and more.


Shamrock Foods offers fresh shell eggs that are locally sourced to maintain farm-fresh quality, with a USDA AA Grade.

Ice Cream

From handy portion-control cups and bars to value-sized tubs just right for dipping or signature desserts, Shamrock Foods has the ice creams your customers will be screaming for. Choose from a variety of brands — including our own Shamrock Farms® brand ice cream, sherbet or frozen yogurt — with a rich, smooth, creamy taste thanks to premium ingredients.

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