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The Perks of Prairie Creek Bacon

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Hands down, and year after year, bacon wins the popularity contest. It complements any meal, from traditional breakfast fare to surprising and awe-inspiring lunch, dinner, and dessert creations. Make it better – make it with bacon.

Why Reach for Prairie Creek?

High-Quality: For Consistent Results

  • Made from premium, hand-trimmed pork bellies for outstanding flavor and crispiness.
  • Cold Derind (rind removed before belly is smoked) to ensure maximum flavor.
  • Slow-smoked over all-natural hickory for a complex, superior taste.
  • Guaranteed slice counts allow for greater profit and portion control.
  • Versatile: From Sun-up to Sundown

  • A profitable add-on that customers crave.
  • Layers with other proteins and enhances menu items.
  • A customer favorite from breakfast to dessert, across all operator segments.
  • Better Choices: Variety for Every Operator

  • Three quality tiers and an array of fully cooked and raw options to enhance your bottom line.
      • Raw Bulk Sliced – Slab bacon is economical, space-saving and handles easily on the grill
      • Raw Single Sliced – Laid out individually on oven-ready parchment paper for fast and easy prep
      • Fully Cooked – Just heat, serve and enjoy
  • An array of desirable flavors, from classic Hickory Smoked to Applewood and Cherrywood
  • Fresh Packed vs. Frozen

  • Our fresh packed bacon is gas flushed to provide outstanding meaty flavor, color and
    plate coverage.
  • Our frozen bacon allows you to remove just what you need from the case and keep
    your freezer well stocked in quality bacon.
  • Unleash The POWER OF BACON

    Prairie Creek® Bacon is juicy and satisfying – and the choice for operators who want dependability. We follow strict guidelines and raw material requirements to bring you a reliable, premium product that only Prairie Creek® can deliver. Flavor and versatility make it a customer favorite during each daypart. Explore how Prairie Creek packs flavor & quality into every slice of bacon.

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