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Fully Cooked BBQ from Cobblestreet Market®

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BBQ Meats

Cobblestreet Market® brand brings the best in gourmet deli offerings to the menu. It’s home to a complete line of frozen entrees, sides, and prepared foods including delicious barbecue meats. Chef’s agree while food trends come and go, barbecue remains a perennial favorite, and with global barbecue styles gaining more prominence, barbecue meats can now be found across the menu.

Slow Cooked BBQ, Restaurant Fast

Preparing traditional barbecue is both time and labor intensive so let Cobblestreet Market® do the work for you. Our convenient heat-and-serve pork and beef products enable your customers to serve the goodness of slow cooked BBQ with ease. We use authentic cooking methods including pit smoking, smoked roasting, and oven roasting to deliver outstanding flavor and moist, tender, texture to all of our barbecue meats under the Originals tier.

Barbecued Beef and Pork Products

Cobblestreet Market® brand offers four versatile items:

  1. smoked, sliced beef brisket
  2. pulled pork with barbecue sauce
  3. smoked pulled pork
  4. pork carnita meat

Our beef brisket is rubbed with salt, sugar and a blend of flavorful spices including paprika.It’s fully cooked and pre-cut in four millimeter slices for your customers. Convenience pulled pork is one of the hottest trends in barbecue today. Our pre-sauced product starts with slow roasted pork shoulder, pulled and dressed in a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. it’s perfect for operators looking for heat and serve ease with an on-trend flavor profile patrons will love. Looking to get creative with new menu items? Start with our old-fashioned, pit smoked pulled pork. Hardwood smoked using real hickory chips, this sauce-free pork can be used across the menu and paired with an operator’s own signature sauces. To create unforgettable flavors we also offer a unique pork item that works well in barbecue-inspired dishes. Traditional Mexican carnitas are made from pork cushion meat. Braised until tender and juicy, our carnita meat is marinated and slow-cooked until fork-tender. It will take tacos and barbecue pork sandwiches to an all new level of flavor!

Preparation Process

All four of these products are fully cooked and packed in steam ready bags making preparation a snap. Just be sure to thaw the meat 36 to 48 hours in the refrigerator prior to use, Simply drop the pouch in water heated to 200 degrees for approximately 15 minutes or remove the product from the pouch cover with foil and heat in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.

Cobblestreet Market® BBQ meats are easy to store with a 365 day frozen shelf life. The Cobblestreet Market® brand is known for providing operators with high quality prepared foods and deli favorites. Our BBQ meats are no exception. They save time and labor over traditional barbecue preparation while delivering on-trend flavor and variety to the menu. Whether your customers choose to dress them up with regionally inspired sauces, fold them into a tasty breakfast burrito or add pizzazz to a pizza, our beef brisket, pulled pork, and carnita meat are sure to please.

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