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Healthy Business Insight from Original Chopshop

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A large, gleaming juicer hums front and center at Original ChopShop, a gleaming reminder of the healthy restaurant’s commitment to fresh, wholesome food and beverages.

The restaurant name comes from the deliciously modern chopped salads they offer, in addition to protein bowls, superfruit bowls, and sandwiches.

Food and drink are made to order, and are completely customizable with gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, soy-free, dairy-free and lactose-free options.

“Since I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about providing a service to others. At an early age, I realized there was no better way to demonstrate this than through food.” Kyle Frederick, COO

The payoff? Original ChopShop is on track to expand from their current three locations in Arizona to add four more, including a foray into Dallas.

And with Original ChopShop’s philosophy of “food for every/body,” the restaurant is providing good-tasting and nutritious meals for many busy people. What could be more rewarding?

Kyle Fredericks and Brand Designer Diamond Troutman offer their healthy business insight below.

CheckPlease! Arizona [a local PBS show] mentioned your Moroccan Turkey Sandwich. Other favorites?

Kyle Fredericks: The Teriyaki Chicken Grilled Protein Bowl is popular – our Grilled Protein Bowls each contain grains, greens and protein. Guests can select from brown rice, sweet potato hash, forbidden rice or quinoa; this makes for a unique and customizable experience.

Then there’s our Acai and Pitaya Superfruit Bowls, our Power Green Fresh Juice and our Jacked Up PB+J protein shake, which can be customized with the options of non-fat milk, whey protein, almond milk, soy milk, coconut water, and plant-based protein powder.

You’ve offered breakfast since Day One, and recently retitled that menu.

Diamond Troutman: Breakfast is a staple daypart, served weekdays 7 a.m. to noon and Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Now it’s called the “Rise + Shines” menu.

Guests are welcome to dine in with us, place an order for pick-up through our website or by calling stores, or order delivery through DoorDash or Postmates. The Cheat Day Wrap is the breakfast menu star.

How does seasonality play into your “fuel,” aka food and drink?

DT: We recently updated our main menu to include star items from seasons past, such as the Spicy Korean Steak Grilled Protein Bowl and Avocado Toast (Rise + Shines breakfast menu). Our house-made lemonades have play each quarter.

“Season and climate influence how we choose flavors; for example, our test kitchen sampled ginger and kombucha profiles this year. You like to create a conversation with your guests on possible menu additions.”Diamond Troutman, Brand Designer

KF: We often engage with our guests online to hear what they think of the current menu offerings, as well as learn what they’d like to see make an appearance as seasonal offerings. Furthermore, engaging with our community offline through brand partnerships and catering opportunities has provided rewarding feedback.

What’s the plan for handling your brand’s broad social media presence?

DT: It’s important that our social media offers an in-the-moment experience through content, and that we remain true to our creative and inclusive spirit through our copywriting.

In the Brand Designer role, I direct the content creation, publishing schedule and regular activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Stories and LinkedIn, with roughly 24,000 total engaged guests across all platforms. These platforms, particularly Instagram, have played a large role in gathering and growing the Original ChopShop community since 2013.

These platforms, particularly Instagram, have played a large role in gathering and growing the Original ChopShop community since 2013.

Brand Designer?

DT: The Brand Designer is responsible for maintaining a consistent image across multiple channels; for example, packaging, point of sale, and media advertising, as well as ensuring general website health and overseeing the execution of content campaigns.

Being the Brand Designer of a well-being focused concept like Original ChopShop means having an equal passion for people and wellness, embodying our brand personality that is welcoming, sunny and understated, and living up to our core values of being committed, honest, original and positive.

Regarding community engagement, you’ve got a “Feel Good, Do Good, Be Good” program in the works?

DT: In line with our core value to do the right thing, we currently participate in the Neighborhood Initiatives (neighborhood movement and make a biannual donation to local organizations.

The first donation went to Maricopa County Food System Coalition. We look forward to further engaging and making contributions to our local communities.

And “doing the right thing” plays into your hiring strategy, now and moving forward?

KF: We look for folks who share a common belief. We believe in being committed. We’re a group that strives for greatness, and believes in setting the bar high. We believe in doing the right thing, above all.

We believe in being original. Diversity is our biggest strength. And finally, we believe in being positive.

We enjoy every one moment and find the silver lining in any situation. Attracting team members who share these values will continue to be our primary focus.

There are many ways Shamrock Foods is a “better for you” distributor…

KF: [Sales Representative] Gina Bommarito is a go-getter and someone who understands the value of excellent customer service. She understands our guests are happy when they can experience the quality food they’ve come to expect at our restaurants. It’s much more than order fulfillment.

And a shout-out for Shamrock Foods products that facilitate fresh preparation?

KF: Our proteins are a strong focus throughout the menu and one of the three key essentials in our grilled protein bowls (next to greens and grains).

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