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Increase sales, gain and grow new audiences and boost your reputation in the New Year. Check out our list of 2020 Restaurant Resolutions that will help you have your best year yet.

Refine Your Upsell

Upselling is one of the most important ways to help increase your profits, but many times wait staff is not fully trained on how to optimize an opportunity for upselling. Here are some quick and easy ways to help your staff understand how to upsell to your guests:

Instead of saying “Would you like to add a side salad?” say “I can add a side salad for just $4.” Adding a slight command makes guests more willing to accept the recommendation.

Recommend a popular menu item as a starter when you are taking drink orders. By taking the guess-work out of choosing menu options, guests are more likely to order more.

Offer samples of items that are easy to sample. People are more likely to buy in when they know they will enjoy the item.

Be descriptive when describing the menu. Don’t just offer a side of garlic fries. Offer a side of fries tossed fresh garlic, grated parmesan, and cracked black pepper.

Embrace Millennials & Gen-Z

Younger generations are eating out more than any past generation. Before you add 18 versions of avocado toast to your menu, try playing with popular food trends that younger crowds are craving to boost sales.

Increasing your menu options to include gluten-free, meatless alternatives and other trends will invite a whole new crowd of patrons.

Make your menu ‘Grammable by creating photo-ready food. Younger generations are far more likely to choose a restaurant based on the pictures they find online.

Make It Personal

Building loyalty is one of the best ways to increase profits. Not only are you gaining a repeat customer audience, but you are also utilizing the strongest marketing tactic: word of mouth.

Small touches, like learning your customers’ names makes a difference. Even if you don’t know them upon walking in, having staff ask who they are serving that night is a great way to get that initial knowledge.

Capitalize on repeat guests by offering rewards for their next visit. In addition, utilizing technology, like text tools that will prompt guests with discounts or seasonal menu items, will keep you top of mind when they decide it’s time to go grab a bite.

Boost Your Reviews

Don’t ignore your reviews. Younger generations are turning to review sites to find their next place to have dinner.

Respond to those who give you positive praise and thank them for that feedback. This interaction creates a relationship with your customers that will make them more likely to return.

It is also equally important to address customers who may have had a negative experience and reach out with a special offer to come back in for a better experience.

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