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Preparing Your Restaurant For the Mother’s Day Rush

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Ready For the Rush?

Celebrating the mom or grandma in one’s life is a big deal. Many pull out all the stops once a year to shower the mom in their life with gifts and an amazing meal.

In 2019, it was expected that of those celebrating, more than 55% would take mom to a special brunch or dinner. Spending was projected to reach more than $24.95 billion. Yes, billions.

Needless to say, Mother’s Day is an open opportunity for your establishment to charm loyal customers, and attract new ones who will fall in love with all you have to offer.

Glamorous as it sounds, there is much to consider in the kitchen and front of house to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. While you’re certainly aiming to please the mom, your dining experience has the potential to win over an entire family of new customers, so do everything in your power to serve excellence this Mother’s Day season.

It’s not too early to start preparing your staff for what’s to come and what is expected of them when the big day arrives.

Restaurant Preparation


Mother’s Day is often a bigger undertaking than even Valentine’s Day when it comes to capacity. From the moment your doors open, until they close, your restaurant will be abuzz with guests. It’s important to get your staffing situated well in advance.

Try our helpful Mother’s Day Planning Timeline!

Sundays are usually training days for new employees, but don’t schedule new employees to serve on Mother’s Day. Rather utilize them as bussers so their hands are still busy, making it one less thing for you to worry about. Keep the serving to your most experienced and well-polished employees who will ensure that every customer feels they’ve had a special experience at your restaurant.

Consider bringing in special desserts or small bites for all your staff to show appreciation for their hard work on one of the busiest days of the year. This small gesture has a way of boosting the morale around the restaurant.

Most parties dining out on Mother’s Day are six or more. Open reservations at least a month prior, and follow up with parties of six or more to confirm the reservation.

Explain reservation policies ahead of time and try to be flexible and accommodating within reason for those who will inevitably run into traffic on the way to the restaurant.

As tempting as it may be, don’t overbook. Customers who book a reservation and follow your policies, but then wait 45+ minutes to get seated will most likely not return to your establishment.

Mother’s Day Menu Planning

As ambitious as it seems to offer your entire menu, it may not be the wisest decision on a day with such high customer demand and volume. One station in the kitchen may become overworked, causing food times to waiver and could welcome in a slippery slope of dissatisfied guests. Offer a limited or chef’s menu instead with dishes spread out between stations to ensure a smooth flow. Explore Shamrock Foods’ assortment of pre-cooked and prepared ingredients that streamline back of house efforts and deliver delicious results more quickly!

Of course Mother’s Day is the perfect day to extend lunch hours and offer a brunch or buffet later into the afternoon than any other weekend.

Give Her the Mother’s Day Treatment

Now is the time to really wow your guests, especially all the hard-working mothers. Treat all the moms with special gifts and offers just for them. Special order roses or flowers and give one to each mom with a special note from your staff. These kind gestures may mean a lot and even translate into fun social posts that advocate your restaurant.

At the end of the meal, if you budget allows, consider giving each mom a coupon or discount for their next visit. For example, offer a free dessert, 15% off their next visit, or a free entree with the purchase of another. This is the perfect way to bring back new guests. Some of these things will take time to prepare, but going that extra mile will not only make all the moms feel extra special, but the rest of their party will also appreciate the attention given to their loved one.

Mother’s Day Menu

If you choose to opt out of Mother’s Day brunch or a buffet, stick to a few of your tried and true items for your limited menu selections. Quiche, frittatas and waffles are a few of the staples that guests expect. But if you’re looking to spruce up brunch or even offer special Mother’s Day desserts, salads or cocktails, here are a few recipes to make for an exciting meal.

Mother’s Day Meals
Edible flowers are on the rise, as they not only are a fun way to enjoy nature’s gift, but a beautiful way to dress up any meal. Offer guests an edible flower salad that is simple to assemble, but breathtaking in presentation.

Mother’s Day Desserts
Parfaits are not just for breakfast. Offer an exotic version of the parfait for Mother’s Day with prickly pear as the star.

We hope you feel as excited and ready for Mother’s Day as we are. Contact your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative today to help ensure you make this season as special as possible for all the incredible moms and grandmothers out there!

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