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Working with a Menu Specialist

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What's a Menu Specialist?

A Menu Specialist is a nutrition expert that creates and customizes menus for unique facility needs while also providing customer service and support for order placement, inventory and resident management, and maximizing facility efficiency.

Why Work with Menu Specialists?

Running a healthcare, school or long-term care facility is challenging enough, without the added stress of menu planning. Shamrock Foods offers an experienced team of Menu Specialists to support and inspire you with the latest culinary trends and best in class nutritional guidance.

Custom Menu Cycles

A cycle menu can be great for healthcare or school foodservice operations. It creates labor savings, manages food costs, and reduces waste while also allowing for creativity and quality in your menu. Cycle Menus offer different meals each day for a given time frame (example: 4-week cycle menu) and repeats at the end of the cycle.  It helps manage preparation, forecasting, ordering, and food cost.

  • Menus Your Way: Menu specialists will create quality-tested, cycle menus based on your facility's needs.
  • Fresh Ideas: Menu specialists will create special occasion, holiday, and seasonal menus to add variety and excitement.
  • Nutritional Analysis: Registered Dietitians approve menus and include modifications for special diets like IDDSI, consistent carbohydrate, heart healthy, low sodium, gluten-free, and more.

Training and Support

Our team of Menu Specialists will teach you the basics of our customer support technology and support you along the way.

  • Advanced Technology: Menu Specialists can support you from anywhere with Menu Wizard + and provide personalized menu support when you need it.
  • Online Inspiration: Menu specialists can add recipes to Menu Wizard+ to incorporate into your menu cycle.
  • Personalized Order Guides: specially created for you based on your cycle menu and connected to your Shamrock Orders account.

Control Spending

Menu specialists can help you adjust your menu to meet your budget.

  • Product Selection Savings Reports: Ensure you are purchasing the best and most cost-effective products with hand-crafted price and product comparison reports.
  • Per-resident-day cost: Review your costs to help stay within budget.
  • Market reports: See how your facility has been impacted by on certain products based on price fluctuations and reassess spending.

If you are a senior living facility, school district, food service director, or a healthcare or school operation looking for support, Shamrock Foods' Menu Specialists can help. Connect with our Nutrition Services Team, complete to learn how to get started [email protected].

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