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When you’re looking to create seasonal delights, there are simple ways to offer delightfully unexpected flavor experiences for everything from entrees to desserts. Let’s explore!

Spice Is Nicer

Herbs and spices are inexpensive, yet bring wonderful and worldly flavor. In the dessert realm, include a touch of Katy’s Kitchen® Cinnamon or Cayenne in chocolate creations. Adding cardamom to whipped cream makes it even more appealing. Moving over to side dishes, roast cauliflower with curry. Or, roast carrots with Katy’s Kitchen® Chili Powder and Cumin; dress with lime juice and cilantro. COP is also ready for a boundary-pushing spice upgrade. For example, Gold Canyon® Premium Lamb is trendier with a Moroccan touch – inspired by chermoula, a blend of cumin, paprika, onion, garlic, turmeric, cayenne, parsley, coriander, salt and pepper.

Make a Toast

There are almonds – then there are toasted almonds. The depth of flavor brought by this simple technique elevates all kinds of nuts and seeds, such as Katy’s Kitchen® Walnuts and Cashews. Try coconut, too, because “coconut everything” is on the trends list. Opportunity abounds to incorporate toasted ingredients in salads, charcuterie plates and pastas, as well as ice cream and Brickfire Bakery® Cheesecake. Use the oven, microwave or stove top – the process is simple. Tip: Cool items completely before chopping, puréeing or processing.

Citrus Power

This distinctive flavor is classic with French cooking, and now it’s trendy, too. Look for lemon zest in so many places, from seafood pasta to pound cake. Orange zest updates ginger cookies or spice cake. Along with a touch of sesame oil and red pepper flakes, citrus complements Regal Crest Natural Reserve® Chicken with carrots, snow peas and onion. Use orange, lemon or lime to lighten and brighten grilled and roasted meats and to sauce fish dishes. Or, swap vinegar with citrus juices in your vinaigrette.

Go Beyond

You’ve tasted, and that dish is just not flavorful enough? Add:

  • Worcestershire sauce to soup
  • Chorizo to stuffings & sauces
  • Pesto to sandwich mayo
  • Vista Verde™ Salsa to cooked greens

Bigger Territory

It’s easy to expand the flavor of common ingredients.

  • Toast uncooked rice (any type) into a dry pot on high heat; stir until it starts to pop. Then, cook with Katy’s Kitchen® Broth or Soup Base instead of water.
  • Marinate Pierport® Cod with Villa Frizzoni® extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, cumin, red pepper, sweet paprika, cilantro, parsley, garlic, sea salt.
  • Toast black or white sesame seeds for green salads, shrimp appetizers and fish.

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