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Spring Artisanal Provisions Selections Take Your Taste Buds Abroad

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Incorporating a bit of Italian, Dutch and French flair into your menu is made easy with this spring’s featured Artisanal Provisions products curated by Shamrock specialty product expert Roland Ulrich. Simply reading about them will make your mouth water, so just imagine your guests’ first bite.

Salami Finocchiona by Olli

Family-owned Olli Salumeria has a history of salami making dating back to 1850 Italy, so it’s no wonder one taste of its Salami Finocchiona will have you dreaming of Rome. Finocchiona is made with fennel pollen which has long been a pork enhancer of choice thanks to its aromatic licorice-like intensity. With time to develop through a slow cure production cycle and perfectly blended spices, this salami ultimately develops a complex flavor that is fresh and sweet. It’s perfect for everything from hearty sandwiches to fresh salads and show-stopping charcutier.

Hatch Pepper Cheese by Beemster

This semi-soft peppery yet sweet premium Dutch cheese by Beemster gets a peppery kick from Hatch chiles, which vary in heat from mild to fiery. But founded in 1901, farmer-owned cooperative Beemster knows a thing or two about time-tested artisan techniques. The result is this cheese’s perfectly balanced mild flavor. It melts beautifully into beans and cheese, tacos, nachos and fajitas, and pairs well with white wines and beers known for citrus notes.

Queen Bee Porcini by Beehive

A Super Gold Winner at the 2021-22 World Cheese Awards, Queen Bee Porcini is a savory cheddar rubbed with porcini mushroom dust. The porcini mushrooms impart earthy, umami notes throughout the paste of the cheese which always begins with the freshest, high butter fat milk. The company’s founders believe that “great cheese enhances foods, circumstances and events.” This cheese does just that while also beautifully rounding out artisan cheese and meat platters.

Pickled Brussels Sprouts by Divina

Divina Pickled Brussels Sprouts can handle the heat of the kitchen. Earthly and lively, these sprouts are a fiery twist on the classis Southern tradition of pickling and preserving the season’s best veggies to enjoy year-round. They are able to handle the heat of the grill and the warmth of the oven, and are also great for charcuterie platters and salad garnish.     

Mini Assorted French Pastries by White Toque

With flavors including Chocolate & Coffee Opera Cake, Raspberry Macaron Cake and Caramel Mousse-Chocolate Brownie, these miniature French Patisseries by White Toque will transport your guests to the Champs-Élysées. They are a “magnifique” addition to your dessert menu, brunch buffet or catered event.

For more information about these Artisanal Provisions products and how to freshen up your spring menu, reach out to your Shamrock Foods sales representative today. They and our Artisanal Provisions experts are here to help you incorporate these products and more into a value-added, guest-pleasing menu.

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