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So Great: Sous Vide

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The sous vide technique is about as close to “magic” as you can get for perfectly consistent protein. But the benefits for foodservice operators are entirely real, from the convenience of precooking and storing to achieving the desired temperature and reducing food waste.

What Is Sous Vide?

This French term means “under vacuum,” referring to the method’s airtight container. In most kitchens, that’s a vacuum-sealed pouch or bag – our ProPak® version is perfect. The pouch is then placed into a large pot of water that contains a heated metal coil, which warms a constantly circulating water bath to a chosen temperature, for precise and consistent results.

Why Sous Vide?

• Convenient – store precooked food for 3-6 days, depending on type
• Less food waste – achieve an exact doneness with minimal cooked-weight loss
• Versatile technique – deliver unique texture and flavor benefits

In the Pouch

Chefs like using the sous vide method for proteins, though vegetables like potatoes, asparagus and carrots also work well. Cooking steak, pork chops, chicken breasts and fish fillets takes longer than grilling and other traditional methods – but the protein is always done right and the method is mostly
hands-off, allowing kitchen staff to attend to other important tasks while items cook. Katy’s Kitchen® Herbs and Spices can also go right into the bag, plus marinades and sauces. Just remember that the flavor of seasonings will be more intense, because they don’t fall off or evaporate during this process.
Bonus: You could use less!

Three Tips

• Sanitize cutting boards with ProClean Hard Surface Sanitizer
• Use SmartChoice gloves when prepping proteins for sous vide
• Remove items from water with utensils that won’t puncture the bag

The Big Finish

It’s true that your protein will come out of the bag with an exterior texture and appearance that could use a finishing touch. But it’s easy for kitchen staff to give a quick sear in a super-hot skillet or on the grill, adding the desired caramelization, crispiness and char marks. For example, for a succulent Regal Crest Farms® Natural* Reserve Chicken breast, simply sear the skin side (or the smooth side of a skinless chicken breast). Then leave it in the pan for about 2 minutes, until golden brown.

Protect Your Investment

Value cuts such as tri-tip and chuck from Gold Canyon Meat Co.® are extra tender and juicy with sous vide. Operators menuing premium meats from our exclusive brand – like steaks – appreciate how this technique maximizes cooked portion sizes with minimal loss. For beef items with a fat layer, or marbleized cuts like ribeye, many chefs prefer to sear before bagging as well as after cooking.
* All Natural – Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients

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