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Get Ready for Big Game Diners

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From CJ Johnson, Shamrock Foods Enterprise Produce Manager, and Vincent Case, Product Specialist, Shamrock Foods California 

The thrill of game day brings a surge of hungry customers to your restaurant, making it a prime opportunity to boost sales and create memorable dining experiences. To ensure your establishment is ready to tackle the influx of patrons, let's delve into a strategic approach for building menus and optimizing operations for game day customers.


Sharable Appetizers: Score Big with Variety

Start strong with sharable appetizers that cater to diverse tastes. Elevate classic French fries by offering them in three tempting variations, each paired with unique and delicious sauces crafted in-house. Check out Bountiful Harvest for our favorite line-up.

Offer Light Options for Every Fan

Don't sideline the light eaters! Offer salads featuring grilled chicken and wraps for those seeking a lighter option. Consider gluten-free subs and non-meat alternatives to cater to a broader customer base, allowing everyone to join in the game day festivities.

Kid-Friendly Touchdown: Discounts and Desserts

Make game day family-friendly by offering discounted rates for kids or sweetening the deal with a small dessert. Engage the younger audience and create a welcoming environment for families looking to enjoy the game together.

Thirst-Quenching Game Day Drinks: From Cocktails to Mocktails

Don't overlook the importance of beverages. Craft enticing cocktails, offer buckets of beer with garnishes, and present a selection of kid-friendly drinks and mocktails. Enhance the overall dining experience by providing diverse beverage options.

Regional Flair: Showcasing Team Spirit

Create excitement by featuring regional dishes that represent the teams competing in the big games. Market each team's local cuisine against one another, allowing fans to savor the flavors of their favorite teams.

Sweet Victory: Irresistible Desserts

End the game day experience on a sweet note with enticing desserts. Check out the Brickfire Bakery lineup of ready-to-serve desserts.  Looking for a "to-go" option? Offer smores kits, easy bake options, and unique packaging to add a memorable touch to the final course.

Score with Operational Excellence

Strategic Staffing: Timing is Everything

Efficiently manage staff levels by aligning them with peak times. Ramp up staffing during busy hours and gradually scale down as game time approaches or during halftime to optimize labor costs.

Upsell Across the Board: Maximizing Dining Experience

Encourage upselling across all aspects of dining, whether in-house or takeout. Highlight appetizers & drink pairings, drinks, bread and butter, salads, entrees, and desserts to elevate the overall dining experience for your customers.

Mastering To-Go Programs: Containers Matter

Capitalize on the demand for to-go orders by implementing a robust pre-order system. Select the right containers for each dish, ensuring vented options for fried items to maintain their crispiness. Optimize packaging for freshness, especially when it comes to burgers—keeping fresh produce on the side preserves quality and allows for easy reheating.

With a well-crafted game day menu and strategic operational adjustments, your restaurant is poised for success. By anticipating the needs of your customers, offering diverse options, and creating a memorable experience, you'll not only score big on game day but also foster customer loyalty for seasons to come. Want to win game day? Reach out to Shamrock Food’s team of Specialists for a winning lineup.

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