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Cool Weather Ingredients from Artisanal Provisions

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Whether you're a seasoned chef looking to add a seasonal twist to your signature creations or a restaurateur eager to entice diners with inspired fall flavors, this blog is your guide to navigating the autumnal landscape of culinary delights. So, let's embark on a gastronomic adventure, where each dish tells a story of comfort, tradition, and the unmistakable richness that defines fall dining experiences. Get ready to captivate your patrons with the essence of fall, one delectable bite at a time!


Maple Leaf Farms' Duck leg and thighs offer a canvas for diverse culinary preparations. The renowned technique among chefs is 'confit,' where duck legs are slow-cooked in duck fat, resulting in tender, moist meat with crispy skin. Whether braised, confited, or roasted to perfection with various seasonings and glazes, duck leg and thighs provide a myriad of culinary possibilities, catering to different flavor profiles and cooking preferences. 

DUCK FAT - 1713461, 3/3.5/LB

Cherished by culinary maestros worldwide, Duck Fat stands as a prized asset in diverse kitchen endeavors. Its high smoke point makes it perfect for searing and frying, lending a delectably rich flavor to dishes while ensuring a delightful crispiness. Whether you aim to infuse a touch of gourmet finesse into your creations or seek an alternative to conventional oils and butters, duck fat is an exceptionally versatile ingredient that merits a prominent spot in every chef's kitchen.

Cannellini Beans - 3215111, 1/10/LB

Cannellini beans, also recognized as white kidney beans, excel at absorbing the flavors of their culinary companions due to their subtle taste. A staple in Italian cuisine, these beans grace dishes such as minestrone, pasta e fagioli, and serve as a side dish adorned with olive oil, garlic, and fresh herbs. Ideal for salads, they contribute protein and a satisfying bite, appealing to both health-conscious diners and those looking for flavorful, hearty dishes. With their adaptability and nutritional richness, cannellini beans are an indispensable ingredient for crafting robust and flavorful creations.

Veal Demi Glace - 2224671, 4/5/LB

Haricots verts, the slender and tender French green beans, have the power to elevate a multitude of dishes. With their delicate, crisp texture and slightly sweet flavor, they become a standout in gourmet cuisine. Blanching them and serving as a side dish with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt highlights their excellence. Whether in salads for a burst of vibrant green or in more elaborate dishes wrapped in prosciutto or sautéed with shallots and butter, haricots verts add versatility and refined taste to your culinary repertoire, making them a delightful addition to your kitchen essentials.

Haricots verts - 4424961, 6/2.5/LB

Veal demi-glace brings depth and complexity to a wide array of Fall and Winter dishes, adding a velvety texture and profound flavor. Transforming ordinary stews and braises into luxurious, savory masterpieces, this culinary gem serves as an ideal base for luscious sauces. Perfect for deglazing pans and complementing seasonal ingredients like root vegetables, mushrooms, and roasted meats, veal demi-glace is a must-have for chefs crafting cozy fall stews, elegant gravies, or seeking to elevate the flavors of their Fall-inspired creations.

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