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Coffee Consumption Trends 2018

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Coffee in 2018

Coffee is nothing new. It’s been around for decades, and consumed like water for some. But the coffee trends and coffee consumption have shifted in recent years, making it more than your average cup of Joe.

Long gone are the days of “grown ups” consuming coffee while they catch up on the latest happenings in the comfort of their own home. Now, coffee consumption outside of the home has risen to 47 percent in 2017. Coffee is a staple for the on-the-go customer, a no brainer even, ordered before, during a meal or even as a take out, no matter what time of day.

Coffee beverages are in a completely different place than they were even a few years ago. Caramel Macchiatos, French Press, Drip, cold brew? Gone are the days of limited selection. Today’s customers have a rich demand for a variety of coffee types, roasts, and flavors.

All this to say that your restaurant has a huge opportunity to tap into the market and engage the trend!

Here are a few notes on coffee trends, and some perspective on coffee consumption that will better equip your menu for the growing demands of the modern consumer.

Coffee Trends

Age Demographics
Much of the coffee consumption today is coming out of the millennial generation. Ages 13-35 are consuming more specialty coffee drinks than ever before, which is driving baristas in cafes and restaurants to use innovative ways to create a coffee selection to entice the right customers.

The moral of the story is that coffee is no longer confined to any one consumer demographic or niche. Chances are any menu would benefit from broadening its coffee offering.

Specialty Coffee Drinks
Yes, light, medium and dark roast are the pillars of coffee consumption, but the combination of flavors and looks is taking the trusty cup of Joe by storm. Latte art is only the first step. Take it to new heights with colored foam, edible glitter, or topped with roasted marshmallows. In the day of Instagram, nothing is too outlandish. As far as presentation goes, don’t hesitate to be creative with the glassware and cups. Mason jars, vintage mugs, or an eclectic collection of all the above are simple ways to dress up a latte or blended drink.

Coffee Consumption

Cold Brew
Cold brew coffee started popping up on cafe menus a few years ago, and it’s definitely here to stay. It’s perfect for those who prefer a cold beverage, but still desire a strong caffeine kick. Cold brews like Shamrock Farms Cold Brew Coffee & Milk also help keep coffee consumption up during warmer spring and summer seasons.

Sweeten cold brews on your menu with vanilla or caramel syrup or give the cold brew a real upgrade by creating a chocolate milk cold brew. The options are really endless when you explore cold brew as the base.

Classic Coffee Roasts
As easy as it is to get artsy with your coffee menu, remember that the pillars are still as important as ever. If your foundation is off — no matter how creative and Instagram-worthy your drinks look — your customers may not be satisfied.

Light roast, medium roast and dark roast are the beginning. If your beans are not properly roasted, it is a recipe for disaster. If you’re not sure where to source from, take your time and do your research to find the right roaster that fits what you’re going for.

We’d be happy to guide your way!

It’s never the wrong time to upgrade your coffee selection. Be sure to check out all of our offerings from Ridgeline, proudly sourced from around the globe and carefully roasted to perfection.

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