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Cobblestreet Market® Ham Overview

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High Quality Hams

Cobblestreet Market delivers a complete line of meats, cheeses, and prepared items fit to be featured just like the gourmet goods at your favorite specialty deli.

Let us demonstrate how our hams offer superior quality and limitless versatility to meet the needs of any operator. Whether it’s served hot or cold, sliced or chopped, Cobblestreet Market® ham adds excitement and appealing flavor to a variety of menu applications and
day parts.

Our hams are fully cooked and naturally hardwood smoked for the optimal traditional flavor profile, aroma and appearance. Vertical integration is our key to quality and consistency. The
hams are processed in USDA inspected controlled facilities, classified and trimmed to exact specifications.

Ham Styles and Types

Cobblestreet Market® hams fall under four general styles:

  1. pit ham buffet or flat
  2. tavern ham cooked
  3. boiled ham
  4. deli style or d-shaped

Let’s take a look at each style so that you can guide your operator to choose the best ham for any menu application. Pit or partially internally trimmed hams are ideal for carving stations or baking, and have a higher yield than bone-in hams. Pit hams have been boned internally, trimmed, rolled up and stuffed into netting making them easy to handle and ready for the curing or smoking process with minimal waste. Buffet hams are stuffed into pre smoked or clear casings and set in spring racks to form their flat shape. Buffet hams provide excellent plate coverage and their uniform shape helps operators maintain consistency in portion size. When sliced they’re perfect for breakfast steaks or sandwiches. Cooked hams, also referred to as boiled hams, are boiled in metal trays and are great for high-volume operators. They can be shaved thin sliced or thick sliced for any sandwich or deli application. Deli style or d-shaped hams are minimally processed for maximum flavor and versatility. These top shelf hams are ideal for deli cases upscale buffets and white tablecloth operations.

Ham Benefits and Tiers

Cobblestreet Market® hams are grouped into three product tiers based on cure levels and amount of added ingredients. The Foundation’s tier holds our ham and water products. Water added hams can be found under the Originals tier and Distinctions houses our finest, natural
juice hams with three levels to choose from. It’s easy to match any operator with the products to meet their customers’ needs. Quality stands as top priority across Cobblestreet Market®’s entire ham portfolio.

Ham remains as popular as ever in food service so show your operators how to increase customer satisfaction by placing Cobblestreet Market® hams on their menus today. Cobblestreet Market®: Deli convenience, contemporary appeal.

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