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Using Social Media to Strengthen Relationships

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Social media, if used correctly, is a powerful tool to strengthen relationships with current customers, find new customers, and increase revenue while building a brand. Follow these tips to select the best platform, set up an effective profile page, build out engaging content, and drive action that converts to purchase.

Getting Started

  • Facebook and Instagram are the two social media platforms with the highest daily penetration of U.S. Adults

    83% of social media users are on Facebook and 74% use it every day – the highest daily usage of any platform. Instagram daily logins are second to Facebook at 63%, so it is recommended to use both platforms for maximum reach.

  • Use social media in tandem with a website, email and other marketing strategies

Setting up a profile page

  • Ensure you set up a business profile

    With a business profile you'll have access to business features and insights. Business profiles are also needed to put any marketing dollars behind paid ads.

  • Include your website in the URL section of your profile

  • Make sure your username and handle are clear and concise. If you have multiple locations under the same brand, use the same profile – it helps to leverage the overall reach.

  • Your profile image should be easily identifiable during a scroll

    Nothing with too much detail, logos are usually the best bet.

  • Consider your header image your billboard

    Swap it out to highlight promotions, events, product news or just to keep things fresh

  • Ensure your profile is fully filled out

    Include contact information, menus, click-to-order – the fewer clicks the better. Add a cuisine type and any other helpful information.

  • Use your bio to let people know what makes you special and what you want to draw attention to right now

Building out engaging content

Create messages and content to engage and inform the audience.

  • Show off some of the increased safety and sanitation protocols you’ve implemented for in-house dining, and the measures you’re taking to keep the environment safe

    For example, show table spacing or setting up a socially distanced to-go area

  • Feature offers and LTOs and make no doubt about the fact that the restaurant is open for business. Feature takeout, delivery and highlight how to make reservations.

  • Use photos and videos to receive much higher engagement than text alone

  • Insert your brand into the conversation by using some local, trending hashtags e.g. #takeouttuesday, #supportlocal

  • Experiment with posting frequency and time – look at 3-10x per week on each platform to see what works for the audience

  • Listen to what your audience is saying – just be sure any community management response are set within the tone of your brand

Drive action that converts to purchase

  • Support content with paid advertising to drive action

    Set up ads to boost posts, encourage likes on your page, or as a standalone ad that drives to either online ordering or a menu page. Define your target audience in ads by narrowing down to an age, a location, and likes and preferences.

  • Capture email addresses – either through the social platform itself or through an online ordering tool

Selecting the best platform, setting up an effective profile page, building out engaging content and driving action that converts to purchase are all part of effectively making an impact in the social media space. For a quick guide to these steps, click here.

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