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How Shamrock Customers Are Supporting Their Business During CoVId-19

At Shamrock Foods we believe our customers are always five star. As the landscape changes with the threat of COVID-19, here's how some of our customers are shifting their strategy to ensure their guests stay safe, healthy, and fed while still being able to enjoy their favorite restaurant meals.

Communicate Your Plan

The landscape is changing daily with COVID-19. And it takes a bit of this and bit of that to keep things running. Which is exactly what D.H. Lescombes Winery & Bistro in Albuquerque is doing. From family-style meals, takeout, delivery and curbside pick-up, groceries, increased sanitation efforts, contactless payment, and getting the message out on their website and social media, they are leaving no stone unturned in their effort to keep their guests happy and fed.

Selling “Gifts & Experiences”

Get creative about other experiences your customers would value on the other side of this current COVID-19 situation. Personal chef services? Guaranteed table? Cooking classes? LGO Hospitality Group has started a GoFundMe page to help support their 600+ employees. Apart from the traditional donation, they are also selling “gifts and experiences”.

Curbside Pickup

Sugar and Scribe in San Diego started offering curbside pickup as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions hit California. Promoted on social media, as well as a pop up on their website, they are working hard to get the word out about this new service.

Merchandising Gift Cards

Restaurant group, Big Red F in Colorado is highlighting gift cards on their website in a few bundled options. Promoted to their customers through email, focusing on gift card sales and promotions is a good way to stimulate cash flow during a time when dine-in is limited or eliminated.

Curbside Carryout

In addition to prominently featuring gift cards on their website’s home page, Beckett’s Table in Arizona is promoting curbside carryout. This extra service touch allows customers to order and pick up in the matter that they feel most secure.

Simplifying Take-Out Menu

El Adobe de Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano, CA features dozens of delicious Mexican dishes at their landmark restaurant, but when it came time to develop a to-go menu that that they could streamline for maximum profitability, they focused on offering three levels of combinations of four key items. And on top of that, they’re offering 20% to order these items for curbside pickup.

Adjusting Menu for Take-Out Strategy

5280 Burger Bar in Denver features handcrafted burgers and house cut fries in their dining room, but has evolved their menu to adjust for a full take-out operation because these key menu items don’t travel well. Rather than sacrificing customer experience, they developed a custom menu featuring high quality, home style meals to ensure their guests have the experience they’ve come to expect from dining in-restaurant, but also one that caters to the need of family-style dinners that customers can enjoy at home.

Curbside Pick-up with an Extra Perk

Brigantine Seafood & Oyster Bar in Southern California started offering curbside pick-up for their hungry customers. To sweeten the deal, they’re also offering half price on bottles of wine.  This allows them to sell and move inventory from the bar, as well as increase check sizes. If your local regulatory agency allows for take-out alcohol sales, this is a great strategy to consider boosting profitability.

Focusing on Community

Switch Restaurant & Bar in Phoenix, AZ has taken this opportunity to give back to the community they serve. Through social media, they are offering a hot meal, personally delivered by their Chef, for seniors or others that are struggling during this health crisis. This is something the community will remember long after restrictions are lifted.

Safety is Essential to the Messaging

Urban Egg in Colorado is showcasing their commitment to the safety of their employees and their guests. Highlighted on their website is a letter from their owner outlining the increased measures the restaurant group is taking to ensure a safe environment. Also featured on social media is a server with a to-go bag rocking some sanitary gloves to ensure a safe pass-off to a customer. Sanitation is no longer table stakes during COVID-19 – these extra touch points have become part of the message.

Staying Connected to Customers with Live Stream Cooking Classes

Blend Coffee & Co. in Douglas, WY is known for their community atmosphere. In order to stay connected with their customers during COVID-19, not only are they still doing drive-through ordering, but are thinking outside the box offering a cooking class for kiddos on Facebook Live. They’ll be teaching you how to make puppy chow! Check out their Instagram or Facebook for more information and an ingredient list.

Restaurants Supporting Each Other

Stay Naked Kitchen’s mission speaks to making an impact on the individuals they serve and bettering the people of their community. This was never more true than when they partnered with IMPACT of Southern Arizona, who work to make a positive impact on underserved Southern Arizona communities, to provide over 400 cooked meals to their senior center. By coming together, these two programs showed that in a time of social distancing, supporting each other makes the biggest impact!

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