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Put Labor-Saving Practices To Work

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Managing labor needs in ways that bolster business is a true challenge. Now is the time to be proactive. Take steps that facilitate takeout and delivery service, keep your best workers working, and continue to satisfy customers.

Realign and Reassign

Loyal, productive workers are the backbone of every operation. Everyone wants to hold on to their best workers, but quarantines, illness and economic realities may leave an operation short–staffed. These practices can help keep businesses going.

Retrain and cross-train

You may need or want to limit the number of staff onboard at any one time. Consider broadening staff roles that were once highly compartmentalized. Combine jobs where it makes sense.

Rethink positions

Multi-skilled employees are more productive and efficient. Use any down time to cross-train staffers and encourage them to share their knowledge with one another. Cross-training lets you run lean when you have to and will pay off in terms of efficiencies when business returns to normal.

Deploy staff in new ways

Find employees a new job — within your own operation. Appoint, for example, a server as your social-media manager for posting frequent updates about your menu and operation. Dedicate a team for order-taking and fulfillment. Have staffers make deliveries instead of using a third-party service. Being valued and retained can strengthen employee loyalty, and you may discover new talents among your team members.

Streamline production, reduce labor needs

Ease the strain on labor with value-added products and prep methods that position you to better serve your customers.

The consistent yields and reduced or zero waste these products offer are especially crucial at this time. Rely on them to aid your bottom line, facilitate creativity and deliver the quality and flavor your customers crave while they can’t dine in.


Save hours of prep time by using Ready-Set-Serve® items — e.g., pre-sliced tomatoes, pre-cut onions, celery and broccoli florets, as well as cauliflower rice and shredded cabbage — from Markon®.

custom cuts

Ordering cut-to-spec beef, pork, lamb and veal from Gold Canyon Meat CO.® means no one has to touch a knife. Portions are consistent and there’s no waste.

pre- and par-cooked value-added items

Use, for example, pre-braised short ribs for tacos and pre-cooked prime rib for entrées and sandwiches that offer customers big flavor and the convenience of comfort food in the comfort of their own homes without the fuss.

Plus-one cooking

Blending together two or three ingredients for signature, flavor-boosting sauces and dressings is a labor-saving move that can differentiate your operation and attract customers in today’s crowded takeout and delivery market.


You don’t need a pastry chef to offer customers a sweet spot — something especially needed in these challenging times. Fresh-baked desserts hot from the oven can be very comforting. Menu pre-made, par-cooked desserts that offer a bit of accessible indulgence with minimal labor. Sell whole, decadent desserts from Brickfire Bakery® for family-style service. Or, add a few slices to your family-meal bundles.

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