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Perfecting Plate Presentation

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People’s perception of taste is affected by the presentation of food on the plate. If a meal looks bland, it may taste bland regardless of its true flavor. To enhance appetites and promote healthy nutrition in senior living facilities, it’s important to thoughtfully plate food. Menu Wizard+ by Shamrock Foods can help.

Menu Wizard+ menus are built with consideration of the three fundamentals of plate presentation: color, texture, and dimension.

  • Color

    Eating a variety of colors is widely known to boost nutrient intake, but it also helps make a plate look more exciting and appetizing. Even if the meal is fairly monochromatic, garnishing with a pop of color like green herbs, bright berries or chopped yellow pepper creates visual interest. Serving meals on colorful plates and bowls is another way to add a pop of color.

  • Texture

    A variation of mouthfeel while eating provides greater guest satisfaction. The five most common textures are watery, firm, crunchy, creamy and chewy.

  • Dimension

    Adding dimension to a dish can be as fun as it is functional. Begin by differing the height and width of food as it’s plated. Then, add some personality. Use a squeeze bottle to create swirls, dots and patterns with sauce. Pipe mashed potatoes or whipped cream with a pastry bag. Peel vegetables into strips as a garnish.

One simple way to weave in color, texture, and dimension is through garnishes. Menu Wizard+ recipes include edible garnish suggestions that add flare while also complementing flavor.

Appealing plate presentation benefits diners and operators alike. The higher guest satisfaction, the more impactful every meal becomes. This means less waste and maximum nutrition in every meal, which ultimately results in reduced foodservice operating costs.

Connect with your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative or email the Menu Team directly at to maximize the functionality of Menu Wizard+ today.

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