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Kitchen Cleanliness and Sanitation Tips

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Keeping a Clean and Smart Kitchen

Foodservice establishments need to deliver more than great food – they need to provide a great experience and restaurant cleanliness ranks as one of consumers’ most important consideration factors.

Let’s take a look at three critical areas to consider when your goal is keeping a clean, smart kitchen.

Trash: No restaurant’s treasure

Waste is a factor to restaurant operators no matter how efficiently you portion control, scale or order. And while handling that trash is a major concern on multiple levels, there is one easy solution: A quality can liner.

Liners should fit tight without excessive overhang. To achieve this, measure the width and length of your receptacle (in inches) and confirm gallon capacity.

Next, ensure you have the right gauge liner for your job. Linear Low Density Liners are more stretchy and ideal for puncture prone, sharp trash (thickness measured in mils). High Density Liners are thin and tough. These are better for heavy, wet non-sharp waste (thickness measured in microns).

Finally, pick a liner color that suits your function. Clear/Natural liners help monitor food waste and discourage theft whereas black liners are better for maintaining a tidy appearance.

Shamrock Foods is proud to offer ProPak Can Liners, designed for durability and ease of use with a star bottom seal, convenient coreless roll and a variety of sizes, density and colors.

Food Safety: Choose the right glove

Gloves today are a critical part of maintaining food safety standards, with several options available based on your needs. Several glove materials are acceptable for food handling:

  • Nitrile gloves are the heaviest glove, providing excellent resistance against a variety of chemicals and animal fats. Comfortable, snug-fitting and latex-free, their thicker gauge allows for extended use in caustic environments or when handling chemicals. They’re ideal for kitchen or restroom cleaning, and their black color allows the user to notice right away if the glove has been punctured.
  • Synthetic gloves are a heavier than vinyl, form-fitting glove and were created to provide a needed alternative to latex (an allergen). These gloves can be worn for longer periods of time and feature improved dexterity. They are available in white, powdered or powder free.

Products: Put the “pro” in your clean

ProClean products provide simple, professional solutions for every area of a restaurant’s operation!

Use ProClean glass cleaner on glass surfaces, mirrors and windows to get a scent free, streak free shine every time.

Disinfect with ProClean TB Disinfectant. It is an EPA registered disinfectant that kills Norovirus in 30 seconds and is effective on high-touch hard, non-porous surfaces (porcelain, ceramic tile, metal, stainless steel and plastic).

Finally, tackle your kitchen’s toughest jobs with ProClean Premium Oven & Grill Cleaner. Effective against baked-on soils on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, this cleaner is also aluminum safe, does not require gloves or goggles and protects stainless steel from blackening!

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