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Find new customers with these Google techniques

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Google My Business

With a variety of features and capabilities, restaurants verified with Google My Business can leverage the Google platform to organically drive users and engagement to their pages and drive new orders.

Read on for tips to best leverage and maximize a Google My Business listing - through good times and the more challenging of times.

Be Sure to Upload Photos

Photos not only expand the amount of content hosted by Google My Business listings, but according to recent studies have been proven to drive additional awareness and engagement.

Google Posts

As restaurants look for new, organic streams to communicate to potential patrons and searchers, Google Posts provides a platform to share, information, offers, and discounts.


    Google My Businesses menu feature allows for restaurants to write in menu items directly into the Google My Business platform. This feature allows for restaurants to populate for searches that are looking for food types (ie. pepperoni pizza in near me)

    Online Ordering & Delivery

    To enable restaurants to receive online orders for pickup and delivery, Google My Business offers an online order button for restaurants that are partnered with specific providers.

    Please note that specific features may be powered down as there is Limited GMB functionality due to COVID-19

      Digital Content

      Amidst the challenges within the foodservice industry throughout the growth of COVID-19, restaurants are provided with the opportunity to use additional bandwidth to drive more customers by creating unique content for their consumers.

        Website Content

        Restaurant Blogs

        • Highlight employee stories
          • Written blog
          • Video interviews
          • Imagery
        • Recipes from menu items
          • Written recipes
          • Video instructions
          • Imagery

        Discounts and Offers

        • Promotion of special
          • Discounts for in bulk purchases
          • Discounts for customers contributing to a canned food drive

        To increase visibility and engagement with new and existing customers, restaurants can leverage blog content and online discounts through organic and paid social media campaigns, and email.

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