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Effective Onboarding Online and In Person

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Hiring the right people is essential.

But improving how they're integrated into an operation both virtually and in person is especially important right now. “A focused, thorough onboarding program is essential to a well-run restaurant,” says Ryan Elmore, Shamrock Foods Restaurant Consultant, NM.

Effective onboarding lays the foundation for success — greater profit margin, enhanced employee engagement, higher productivity, reduced turnover and a crew that's better prepared to meet future demands.

Here's how to get everyone off to a good start:

  • Use online tools to streamline the process.

    Convert printed employee manuals to downloadable online docs. Employ cloud-based, remote-learning solutions via video conferencing and virtual tours that get new hires ready for day one of work from any location. Further streamline onboarding with cloud-based, online processing platforms for payroll, IRS Forms I-9 and 8850 and other paperwork.

  • Teach the basics online.

    "Provide an introduction and education about your organization's core values, mission statement, goals and history," says Chef Tim Maness, Shamrock Foods Business Review Specialist, CO. Also include essential sanitation and food-safety instruction via online tools such as training videos from ServSafe®.

  • Communicate your culture online.

    "Onboarding is the very important first impression your operation makes with your employees," says Chef Kelli Welby, Shamrock Foods Business Review Specialist, NM. Communicate who your operation is up front to help new hires see how to fit in. Post short statements and/or videos about your culture to set expectations.

  • Create name and face recognition online and in-house.

    Post staff photos and names on your Intranet and on a new-employee wall in your staff room. "It will make their names easier to remember and help new hires to be welcomed more quickly," Maness says.

  • Foster empathy with online previews.

    Familiarize front- and back-of-house staff with each other's roles. "Everyone always thinks their job is harder than everyone else's until they see the full picture," Welby says. Post photos, videos and employee testimonials that show the total team effort.

  • Create an in-house training culture.

    Once employees are on the floor, assign mentors. "Pair new hires with seasoned, vetted employees," suggests Chef Angel Morales, Shamrock Foods Corporate Chef, AZ. "Designate select employees as trainers and as go-to people."

The bottom line?

“Investments in onboarding can pay big customer dividends,” Welby says.

Looking for more Hiring tips from the Shamrock Business Consulting team? Check out this video.

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