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Tim’s Top Picks for Holiday 2022

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The holidays are a perfect time to add a little magic to your menu with specialty products from our Artisanal Provisions collection. This month’s featured products, selected by Artisanal Provisions & Specialty Foods Expert Tim Schlarbaum are all about classic holiday flavors, made special.

Haricot Vert by French Garden

French Garden Haricot Vert are a high-quality French style green bean Grown in France, the delicate taste and crispness will add a touch of elegance to a multitude of holiday side dishes. Their delicate taste and perfect crispness will delight the gourmet eater. These tiny green beans can be used in many recipes in salads or in a classic side dish, like Green Bean Casserole.

White Truffle Oil by Sabatino

This Italian Olive oil is infused with white truffles, creating a fine dining delicacy. The white truffle can be intense with notes of earthy, garlicky, fruity and earthiness. Use this flavor-friendly product on variety of dishes including drizzled on pasta, flatbread, popcorn, soups, vinaigrette, grains, roasted vegetables and proteins.

Fillo Shell Mini by Athens

Also known as “Phyllo”, these delicate and crispy layered mini cups inspire endless possibilities. Try them filled with a delicious blend of goat cheese infused with Sour Cherry Spread. Or create mini Quiché bites with eggs, a touch of Bacon and Caramelized Onion Jam. Make it desert with an easy, rich and creamy Mascarpone with fresh ripe berries perched on top.

Devon Cream by Coombe Castle

Made using a unique process unaltered for generations, Double Devon Cream is made with fresh cow’s milk, heated to a rolling boil before the top cream is skimmed, leaving only the best cream for consumption. With a 48% butterfat content, this Devon cream is creamier than traditional clotted creams and can be used in sweet or savory applications. Stir into pasta dishes, scoop on your favorite pie, whip topping for fresh fruit or waffles. Can be subbed for heavy cream in many other applications.

Apple Strudel by Bindi

This classic Austrian-style Apple Strudel is made with raisins, spices and perfect puff pastry. Serve warm with Devon Cream for added richness, or top with your favorite Vanilla ice cream. A classic ready to serve favorite, any time of day, with a great cup of coffee or on the buffet.

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