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Summer Snack Board

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Revamp the Summer Snack Board

Create a great, warm weather cheese, charcuterie, dessert or snack board with these picks from our Artisanal Provisions team.

Divina Fig Spread

Make a statement with your dishes and add delightful touches of authentic Mediterranean cuisine right with fig spread by Divina. Made from an extensive choice of carefully selected premium, juicy, fresh, and sun-ripened Aegean figs, this wondrous and enticing condiment has a sweet, delicate taste with subtle notes of caramel and honey. Prized for its smooth consistency and intense fragrant qualities, this overwhelming fig spread by Divina can be accompanied by your favorite savory dishes, crackers, and salty cheeses.

Belgioioso American Grana

This premium Parmesan cheese is allowed to mature for a minimum of 18 months in special caves. All natural ingredients and the distinctive aging process are what creates its deep, nutty flavor and granular texture. Chunk for snacks or cheeseboards with fresh grapes. Shred, shave or grate for salads, pasta, pizzas, meatballs, and vegetables. Add the rind to homemade soups or sauces for extra flavor. The uses are endless!

Barolo Wine Salami by Creminelli

Barolo is the king of Italian red wines and one of Cristiano's favorite vintage flavors. So, it should be no surprise that it shines in this Charcuterie-grade, uncured, Italian salami. This is not only great on charcuterie boards but an amazing ingredient in pastas, sauces, and sauté applications.

Artisanal Provisions Salumi

Roasted Tomato Wedges by Divina

Divina roasts USA-grown tomatoes “low and slow” to ensure they stay juicy, robust and summery-sweet. Marinated in garlic and herbs, these tomatoes are a star ingredient from breakfast (frittata, quiche) to lunch (sandwich/salad) to dinner (roast chicken, salmon). These tomatoes are picked once a year during peak season to capture the maximum flavor and texture.

White Toque Hazelnut Stripe Cake

Where would a snack board be without a little dessert? This Crunchy hazelnut base layered with chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate velvet must be one of the bests cakes on the market. It can be served whole as a birthday cake, portioned into small petit fours, and cut to order for à la carte service. Labor saving, delicious and high quality.

All these items and more can be found in your Artisanal Provisions Catalog.

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