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Summer Flavors from Artisanal Provisions

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Bright, sharp, fresh flavors are perfect for the transition from late spring to early summer. These specialty product recommendations from Brad Radack, our product specialist from California, are ready to brighten your seasonal menu.

Brined Feta from villa Frizzoni

Feta cheese is extremely versatile and delicious. Puree it with some sour cream, a touch of mayo, olive oil, & some lemon juice, along with your favorite Mediterranean herbs and spices to create a delicious, whipped feta dip. Try substituting it anywhere you would traditionally use any other salty cheese for a unique variation on your favorite dishes- think galettes, pizzas, pastas, etc.

Sun Dried Tomato Strips by Roland

Sun dried tomatoes are a terrific addition to salads and savory dishes, you can puree it to add flavor and color to a hummus, chop them up and add them to a savory scone recipe, you can even use them as a base for a vinaigrette. They are extremely versatile, so let your imagination take the lead and try this amazing product on your next order.


A classic and familiar flavor, kalamata olives are here to stay. Use them for a bold and delicious olive tapenade. Roast them whole with cauliflower florets, diced red bell peppers, and toss with a small amount of roasted garlic vinaigrette for a delicious roasted vegetable dish and finish it off with some fresh parsley leaves to add some freshness and a pop of color. Or chop them up and then tzatziki for a unique twist.


Peppadews are unique, versatile, and delicious. Stuff them with a lightly aged Manchego and some Spanish chorizo and roast them for a delicious appetizer. Dice them up and use them as a base for a sweet and spicy relish. Puree them and add them to a vinaigrette. Or cut them into rings and add them to a salad for a delicious garnish. Their bright red appearance makes them a great eye-catching addition to many dishes.


Columela Sherry Wine Vinegar is the classic vinegar of Spain, rich and flavorful with a lot of versatility. Pour some in a sauce pot, add some sugar, a pinch of salt and some herbs like thyme and bay leaf, reduce to a honeylike consistency and you’ll have a delicious sherry gastrique; use it as a delicious drizzle over some roasted vegetables or a pan seared fish. It is also a key component in a traditional Romesco sauce. Or, add a splash to your favorite soups or sauces to give them a touch of much needed acidity and create a more balanced flavor.

We’ve searched and sourced the world, including our own backyard, to bring you the greatest selection of specialty products. From the staples to hard-to-find ingredients, reach out to your Shamrock Representative to learn more.

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