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Pasta Is Golden

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today's pasta is better than yesterday's

Technological innovations have led to pasta that is more forgiving to under- and over-cooking, resulting in a higher level of consistency on the plate.

With stunt food, chaos cooking, and other media-driven disruptions on the rise, pasta remains a constant comfort. Customers don't need to know how to profitable it is, just how good it makes them feel.

Is Bronze Die always better?

Pasta extruded through traditional bronze dies is best for small-batch cooking. Its performance is more variable. Teflon-die pasta, like we have in the Villa Frizzoni® and Garofalo product lines, is the better choice for highly consistent and repeatable outcomes - no matter the number of guests you're serving at once.

dried pasta vs. fresh

  • More cost-effective
  • Withstands cooking better
  • Longer hold time (cooked & uncooked)

the secret to highly profitable pasta

Master the foundational crust by breaking down the role of each major ingredient.

  • Take the original convenience food: dried pasta that transforms into sublime comfort food in minutes

    Low food cost, fast prep, high demand.

  • choose superior foodservice-quality pasta that is made to withstand

    Double cooking, extended hold time, high volumes.

Bella Bello by Shamrock Foods presents the highest-performing Domestic and Imported pasta brands - including our exclusive Villa Frizzoni® brand that helps you drive value to a new level.

Thickness is everything for consistency!

New levels of precision mean Bella Bello foodservice pasta cooks up just right.

too thick

Impractical cook time

just right

Consistent al dente cook

too thin

Unable to withstand long cooking and hold time

The fast path to al dente

double-cooking for speedy service

High quality foodservice pasta can be pre-cooked and served on demand.

  • cook pasta to specified double-cook time

  • drain pasta

  • blast-chill or cool in ice bath

  • add oil to prevent sticking

  • pre-portion in sealed containers

  • simply finish pasta with heated sauce at time of service

Ready to elevate your menu with stellar pasta dishes? Dive into Bella Bello’s collection of fine pasta and noodles, and consult with our specialists. Together, we'll help you craft a dish that's more than just a meal—it's an experience.


*HealthFocus International global report, reported in Food Technology Trends Article: The Top 10 Food Trends of 2023

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did you know?

Gluten-free can be just as goodOne in five adults try to avoid gluten.* That doesn't mean they have to avoid pasta, thanks to award-winning gluten-free options from Garofalo. Made with a blend of high quality quinoa, rice and corn and extruded in a traditional bronze die for exceptional texture and sauce cling.

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